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impress – Creative PerspectivesPress information

Open-minded, generous and inviting – that’s how impress presented itself to the international public at Interzum 2013.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and visitors who share our enthusiasm for special flooring and furniture surfacing and who have given us so much pleasure with their interest and praise.

Visitors from five different continents engaged in a lively exchange, discussing trend colours and structures for the creative design of furniture in the years to come. It was an inspirational event for all designers, who will continue to reap the benefit of its positive energy and harvest its innovative fruits.

We were especially pleased with the very positive reception of our decors, their quality and colour design met with great approval from all sides.



The decor highlights of the fair were: Navarra Oak, Cydonia Oak and Madura Oak, three oak structures which, however, couldn’t be more contemporary or different. The leather-look Maroquin revealed itself as authentic and magnanimous and is a most interesting addition to the decor world, underlining the theme of material combinations with natural charm.

32561_Navarra Oak_5006285

Navarra Oak
An oak with history and signs of aging. The special appeal of this oak is founded by the exciting cooperation of fine and rough, big and small. The contrasts of the structure are being harmonised and created by the interesting white pore.


Cydonia Oak
A new, unusual appearance with much room for fantasy. Cydonia Oak originates from a peeled veneer. However, the elegant, natural structure leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation. Depending on the colouration, it appears like metal, stone or glazed wood. A decor for those who like to experiment.


Madura Oak
Natural, distinctive planks merge through their soft colour gradients and hence create a moving, yet harmonious entirety. Fine cracks, discrete medullary rays and small, nicely molded knobs enliven the detail.

impress – Creative Perspectives – interzum 2013
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2013 10.05.

interzum 2013Press information

New perspectives on contemporary colours, surfaces and the fascination of contrasts

impress created six new and exciting collections from their product portfolio furniture decor, itec foil and flooring. Be inspired by our interpretation of energy and experience, passion and concentration, vision and change.

These subjects create exciting combination possibilities and reflect the newest interior design trends regarding colour and structure. At the same time our customers experience a visually inspiring journey through the world of social ambitions and individual emotions.

The theme VISION creates a creative, trendy ambient with vanguard contrasts and hip structures. Be inspired by the cool style of CONCENTRATION, where the focus lies on the interaction of light and dark. EXPERIENCE comes along comfortable and warm with precious walnut colours and lively structures. In CHANGE you will find naturalness and Scandinavian freshness. Authenticity and rustic elegance is the essence of ENERGY. Deep and luxurious colours and woods install an exclusive flair to PASSION.

We look forward to seeing you!

Halle 6/Stand B060

2013 13.02.

Heimo Bresztowanszky Spokesman of the Management Board of the impress GroupPress information

Aschaffenburg, February, 13th, 2013 – The management announces that Mr. Frank M. Bruns, Spokesman of the Management Board of the impress Group to date, will leave the company by mutual agreement.

Mr. Bresztowanszky will take on the responsibilities of Mr. Bruns as of now.

For further information:

Sascha Kostros
Head of Decor Management
Tel: + 49 – 60 21 – 40 62 25
Fax: + 49 – 60 21 – 40 62 32

2013 25.01.
2012 21.12.

impress wins Diamond of Furniture
Award 2013
Press information

Impress Diament 002

Dariusz Świątek, Managing Director
impress decor Polska SP. Z O.O.

Impress Diament 005

Aschaffenburg, 19th December 2012 –  The Diamond of Furniture Award 2013 is the most prestigious award in the Polish furniture design, furniture and components industry and was awarded for the seventh time this year.

Organizers are the web portal and the furniture magazine 150 products were evaluated by a jury consisting of 75 experts (architects, furniture industry, interior designers, journalists, scientists). The decor Nefis Walnut from impress won in the category “furniture components”.

The ceremony took place on 12th of December 2012 in Warsaw.

Sascha Kostros
Head of Decor Management
Tel: + 49 – 60 21 – 40 62 25
Fax: + 49 – 60 21 – 40 62 32

2012 20.02.

The 4th dimensionPress information

The 4th dimension is the environment in which we move. We perceive time in terms of change. With each stage, our perspective changes and everything appears in a new light. As time moves on constantly, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, we neither stand still physically or mentally, but change according to our requirements and preferences.

Every moment, every experience contributes to our knowledge and visions. If we consciously create these moments, they gain importance and authenticity. Place, time and aesthetics are in tune; intellect and emotions become one.

Based on this knowledge, the new impress design concept works with the idea of time – the time we have to ourselves and the time we spend with others. The time of growing-up requires a different kind of energy than the time of maturity. Activity needs an open space, intimacy needs a protective setting. Communication demands openness whilst recreation requires peace.

The impress collections take these needs into account. The colours and structures of “Time is Recreation“ are quiet and light, sensitive and harmonious. The decor world of “Time is Togetherness“ is stimulating, fresh, open and vital. For us “Time is Concentration“ is clear, transparent, full of character and subtle.

As the compact atmosphere of the world of decor becomes apparent during the development of colours and structures, new interpretations unfold and nuances find their right place.

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