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2011 19.04.

Surface design with depthОбучение

The surface has gained disproportionately high importance over the past years. It is no longer perceived as a cosmetic, somewhat colourful but functionless accessory matter. Today we know that we obtain our first emotional access to any object through its surface. The visual quality and surface feel are of highest importance.


As design-oriented decor printers we develop surfaces that visualize the zeitgeist. We aim to support our customers with the right product at the right time. In the development of the collection we therefore pay particular attention to well-coordinated structure and colour ranges. Whether in furniture design or in the design of new flooring — the need of our customers for attractive and commercially successful products is always our utmost priority. And once again we are inviting our visitors to join us on an inspiring journey through the newest decor worlds.

We not only prioritize the development of decors; for us the combination of structures and 3-D effects is just as important. A sense of wonder can only be achieved in the creation of authenticity that takes all facets of the surface design into consideration.

As a modern company we are constantly aware of the fact that environmental sustainability and the conservation of resources are currently playing a decisive role in the development of new products. This is why we are continuously testing new technologies in our laboratories, in order to meet this challenge.

For more than three years impress has been offering itec foils as part of its range. This effect foil with its extraordinary optical and haptic properties can, in many instances, replace real wood veneer.

With our innovative product “IPL” – Impress Paper Lam – we have succeeded in developing an impregnation that, with considerable savings in energy, enables our customers to produce laminates of outstanding quality.

We’d also like to mention the current Austrian Environmental Award where impress was able to score points with its environmentally-friendly melamine mix, which replaces petroleum-based resins with molasses (a by-product of sugar refining).

The development of new surfaces can only be a successful symbiosis of the latest technology, environmentally-friendly production processes and modern design. As an innovative and future-oriented company we see it as our task to convey this process in its entirety and to live by it on a daily basis.

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