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2012 20.02.

The 4th dimensionInformación de prensa

The 4th dimension is the environment in which we move. We perceive time in terms of change. With each stage, our perspective changes and everything appears in a new light. As time moves on constantly, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, we neither stand still physically or mentally, but change according to our requirements and preferences.

Every moment, every experience contributes to our knowledge and visions. If we consciously create these moments, they gain importance and authenticity. Place, time and aesthetics are in tune; intellect and emotions become one.

Based on this knowledge, the new impress design concept works with the idea of time – the time we have to ourselves and the time we spend with others. The time of growing-up requires a different kind of energy than the time of maturity. Activity needs an open space, intimacy needs a protective setting. Communication demands openness whilst recreation requires peace.

The impress collections take these needs into account. The colours and structures of “Time is Recreation“ are quiet and light, sensitive and harmonious. The decor world of “Time is Togetherness“ is stimulating, fresh, open and vital. For us “Time is Concentration“ is clear, transparent, full of character and subtle.

As the compact atmosphere of the world of decor becomes apparent during the development of colours and structures, new interpretations unfold and nuances find their right place.

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