Advertising campaign 2012

  • The 4th Dimension

    The 4th Dimension

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    Just one magic moment can change the perspective of the world. 

Advertising campaign 2011

  • Advertisement "Frankfurt"

    Advertisement "Frankfurt"

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    Frankfurt, being an international business location, presents itself clearly structured, modern, cool and communicative. Skylines, modern art, trendy clubs and after work parties set a colourful course. 

  • Advertisement "Berlin"

    Advertisement "Berlin"

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    Berlin appears multicultural, colourful, lively, experimental and self confident. Night-colours and retro shades are blended with loud colours. The structures are powerful, individual and daring. 

  • Advertisement "Moscow"

    Advertisement "Moscow"

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    Moscow glows golden and sumptuous. European culture and eastern lushness merge into a unique ambience. Heavy, deep and royal colours like black, purple, red and violet establish a foundation for gold, bronze and sparkling crystal. 

  • Advertisement "Warsaw"

    Advertisement "Warsaw"

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    Warsaw appears dreamy, natural, spiritual and emphasizing family values. Tradition is being maintained and history appreciated. Brown, ochre and shades of green create a warm and comfortable mood. 

  • Advertisement "Vienna"

    Advertisement "Vienna"

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    Vienna stands for classical elegance and genuine luxury. Tradition is appreciated and carried on. Sensitive pastel shades, white, ivory, beige, and cream are enriched by real wood colours. 

  • Advertisement "Curitiba"

    Advertisement "Curitiba"

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    Curitiba is a city with a sense of a new era, young, full of energy, loud, colourful and dynamic. Typical are cheerful and gay colours, as well as intensive shades of red-brown and light water colours. The structures are courageous and vital, often experimental. 

  • Advertisement "Barcelona"

    Advertisement "Barcelona"

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    Barcelona sparkles with Mediterranean love of life, playful lightness and Spanish pride. The colour range is energetic, with colourful shades and dramatic effects. Yellow and red are radiant and warm. Purple, black and white display a rich character. 


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