I'm Pulse!

Welcome Home

Words everyone likes to hear. But what is home? Is it your own four walls, your street, city or country? Let’s paint a bigger picture. The globe we call home is a huge, diverse, interconnected and volatile place. We all live in the same world, but are we having the same experience of life?

Even though information is omnipresent and borders are rather blurred nowadays, in an era of digitalization with its constant flow of information, we feel unrestricted and independent. At the same time, we’re under the impression that time is overtaking us – which stimulates the desire to create moments that remain. We strive for individualization and authenticity.

What we are all experiencing is a time of countless changes, far too many to notice them all. But they are the cause of transformation, longings and paradigm breaks. Though those changes could also lead us to reflect on the pristine, on traditions and create a new mindset when it comes to working, innovation or technology.

We’re met with the challenge to combine apparent contradictions: innovation and tradition, consumption and minimalism, velocity and deceleration. We are amidst it all, searching for our own individual path.

We’re met with the challenge to combine apparent contradictions: innovation and tradition, consumption and minimalism, velocity and deceleration. We are amidst it all, searching for our own individual path.

The world we call home is full of impulses and therefore in a stage of continuous transition that influences us on a daily basis. The important aspect to realize, though, is that the personality of the individual matters greatly and influences how we perceive and react to impulses. Otherwise, we’d all be affected in the same way and our lifestyles wouldn’t differ much. Ultimately, a trend or an impulse is what you make of it.

That is our interpretation of “I’mPulse”. The way it’s written represents that we not only define ourselves by impulses we interact with, but also realize that we’re an impulse ourselves, affecting the world around us. This impact we have, no matter how big or small it might be, is what makes us truly human.

Furthermore, it’s not just about impulses that we receive and pass on – a “pulse” is life you can feel, something that can express speed and calm equally. Again, two forces that can blend into one another, creating something that is alive.

I’m Human. I’m Pulse.

Life Between Forces

Half of the world’s population already lives in cities – urbanization is on the rise. Studies estimate that it will grow to 9.6 billion until 2050. Two-thirds of those individuals will live in “megacities” of which there will already be 43 in 2030, which will provide attractive living space for people on the go.

That's me.

My home is smart, designed and interconnected, just like me. Mobility and flexibility help me be ready to do anything at any time. I love my digital identity and connectivity. I want to learn, play, consume and I prefer to do that all at once. I’m taking advantage of the knowledge culture I live in. My brain absorbs information like a sponge. My sources are digital, my channels are various. The sheer amount of knowledge might be overwhelming, but it isn’t for me. Education and curiosity is what keeps me climbing the ladder of success. I’d rather define myself by what I know and what I do than what my race, looks or gender are. I won’t let society restrain me in my freedom. The gender shift supports me by deconstructing stereotyped role models.

Globalization means the world is my village, urban areas are hubs of knowledge and creative focus points at the same time that provide me with impulses for my analog and digital selfrealization. All those changes in the structure of population create new influences for my interior, which are a blend of local and traditional elements.

As a result of the high pace of our daily lives, people grow tired and want to slow down. Consumption needs to be met with conscious decisions to make life more sustainable and climate change urges us to find new resources and to dispose of our disposable society. Neo-ecology motivates us to make our home a part of nature without restraining the individuals that live in it. Home needs to provide inspiration for people who long for a certain balance in life.

That's me.

I need time to breathe. To take a step back. I distance myself from stress, noise and everything that overstrains me, and I head to places that sustain. Here I take a moment to reflect on myself, to listen closely. My heart calms down until I’m at ease.

My health is one of my highest priorities since the demographic change makes society dependent on an older generation. In me lives the desire to retreat but also for authenticity and self-reflection, for nature and deceleration. I want less of everything, I want to focus on things that are the most important to me.

The concept of “new work” allows me to breathe since it stands for a humanized and employee-oriented career path. Individualization isn’t egotistical but motivates us to conscious minimalism in every respect and every day.

Empathy is important to me, so I want to connect more with my immediate environment and experience it with all my senses, to grow with it – the slower the better. I don’t necessarily need to go out to be in nature, I’ll create my own little oasis of safety with elements of nature that give me energy and inner balance. That way I’m still part of everything and won’t lose touch, I just need room to breathe deeply.

The Subjectivity Of It All

We are all living between forces that provide us with impulses for our daily lives. But although we all perceive the same impulses, they affect us quite differently – what might excite one person could calm another down and vice versa.

Gotta mix it up? Go ahead! Those extremes are meant to combine, flow into each other and create something that has never been there before. You may pick and choose the impulses that suit you best, to find your perfect middle ground.

We at IMPRESS take in those impulses and transform them into unique results. Our products in turn serve as impulses to the people around them.

We understand that each person has to create their unique pool of impulses to feel comfortable – to feel “at home”.

Inspiration Of Life

We understand that we create important atmospheres with our work that function as unique impulses in the consumer’s everyday lives. To achieve that, all of us need to nurture our minds with great impulses ourselves – but do we have to search for them? We’ve learned that everything is an impulse and therefore has the power to inspire us to design products that are on a par with recent trends.

The real creativity lies within the person and not in the job.

With that, everyday occurrences turn out to be the most valuable inspiration. Combined with history as well as all the exciting and different things this world has to offer, we found the perfect mix to create unique atmospheres. Whatever the source of inspiration is, it gives IMPRESS the ability to stay true to ourselves and our products.

Let’s go on a journey through time, travel around the world and see for ourselves what truly inspires the living spaces of tomorrow.

We’re in an industrial city of the 50s. Old workshops are busy with all sorts of craftsmanship the city demands. Here’s where I was born. My birthplace will later be home to artists and individuals who can’t afford to pay rent for an apartment.

I’m strong and versatile. That is why concrete is my go-to material for decoration. It’s a blank canvas for city history recorded by various circumstances or unique art such as graffiti. I can be rustic or chic – depending on your tastes – and I like to be mixed with retro or vintage elements for some personal touch. Imagine old wood with thick layers of paint that got worn out or scratched so that the wood breaks forth again. Today, I’m no longer revolutionary - and yet I’m still a trend.

I replicate the past and bring abandoned structures back to life. I transform old materials into new furniture, giving them a brand new purpose completely different from their rough past. Still, rather dark, cool colors dominate in the same way as clear opposites - hard and soft or cool and warm - and likewise, an old and contemporary design.

I’m representing street culture, experience, the tough days and good days as well.

300 years ago on the island of Naoshima, the technique “Shou Sugi Ban” – the carbonization of wooden facades – was developed. Just recently, it spread to technical and artistic areas and shaped me as well.

I’m drawn to oxidized steel. It is not only strong in a visual sense, but represents the everlasting worth of nature amidst such forces as industrialization. The signs of these forces are also part of my identity, for brushed metal sheets, carbonization and flame-treated metal were typical then and are typical for me now. I combine both opposites in perfect harmony.

I can also use sheets of metal, steel or oxidized gold and silver to create industrial interiors. With the right mix, any room can have a cool, raw and unique look and feel to it.

I’ve come a long way from an old smithy to settle in today’s modern kitchens or your favourite place at home – wherever that may be.

Let’s rediscover our roots. In my case, that will be the midcentury from the 1930s to 1970s. The charm of that era of early modernism will never go out of style and neither will I.

I’m very valuable and I like to show exactly that. My worth even persists through decades and will always be relevant – or at least become relevant over and over again. Why? Because I represent a new era in design when people renounced the overly opulent styles from the 19th and early 20th century.

Nevertheless, I like to express a lifestyle of restrained luxury with details made out of marble, glass structures, in combination with colored metals such as brass, copper, silver and gold. Extravagance combined with a retro feel is what I desire. Rooms in rich retro colors with linear structures or color play show modernity from another millennium that will always be relevant.

Let’s meet in nature just before sunrise, where everything is calm. It’s just around the corner from your city apartment, right next to your favorite café. Here you can relax, experience me and draw inspiration for your living space.

With the help of visually crude and raw materials I provide a reclaimed look that will make everyone feel at ease. Natural and earthy elements give me a style that is usually found in cottages or townhouses. Oak, hickory, or elm give me an authentic forestlike vibe that, combined with rusticity, will also be able to add a modern touch to my classic design. I’m not perfect, but I embrace my rough edges – it makes me feel closer to nature itself.

I enjoy the little things in life. Soft contours, uniformity of colors and the perfect amount of warmth is what makes me special. Light colors are my way to comfort when everything is reduced to the bare minimum. Furniture, clutter, accessories don’t mean much to me. Empty space is what makes my heart leap with excitement. My goal is to create a visual balance that sparks a sense of joy.

Overall my experience is a natural one that you can take with you into the busiest city and still feel like you’re in the countryside.

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