15 years of Impress in Russia: from what we’ve reached to new challenges

We are pleased to announce that in 2020 it will be 15 years since the foundation of Impress (OOO “Sokol-Yar”) in Russia.

Over many years of working side by side with our respected partners and clients, we have achieved a lot, turning into a manufacturing company that occupies one of the leading positions in the market in its industry with its own established production and reliable reputation. We are proud to supply products and decors to customers all over Russia and the near abroad who are engaged in the production of furniture, flooring and the woodworking industry in general.

Impress's priority activity in Russia is the production of decorative paper intended for the production of laminated foils and edges.  In addition, the joint venture OOO “Funder-Uva”, the largest producer of melamine foil in Russia, which is used for laminating wood slabs, is successful.

Today we don’t want to stop at what has been accomplished so far. We have been busy expanding and modernizing the production and increasing our capacity. Therefore, this spring we plan to launch the third printing machine, which will allow us to produce decorative paper in the density of 50g./m2, which is in required for flooring.

By virtue of many years of experience and high requirements for the employees, the quality of Impress' production remain at a decent level. We strive to be a strong, important and reliable partner for our clients and business partners. To achieve this goal, our employees, offering the most precisely and individually selected decors, products and related services, constantly set new scales and create additional benefits for customers. Taking into account individual needs and market requirements, we offer the most precisely and individually selected decors.

We are grateful to everyone who has been with us during these fifteen years. In the upcoming anniversary year, our esteemed partners, customers and employees will be pleasantly surprised, and in the meantime, we are starting to celebrate our 15th Anniversary by presenting the anniversary logo, representing in the form of print cylinders and a ribbon of paper stretched between them.

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