“Hello, I’m Trend!“

Initially we inspired ourselves for our decor news: by the difference of cultures and lifestyles, the special spirit in big cities, the places of the world, where nature is still in its original state and untouched, by the simple things of the daily life giving those special moments of reflection and sensory perception.
“I’M inspired by Sensual Simplicity”, “I’M inspired by Urban Spirit”, “I’M inspired by Pure Nature” and “I’M inspired by Bohemian Lifestyle”, these are the names of our four new trend themes which are transformed into decors for modern interior design you can find in our brochure “I’m Trend 2017/2018”. We are pleased to present them to you personally, if you please refer to your contact person from impress!

Here you will find the PDF of our new brochure "I’m Trend 2017/2018".

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