Impress holds impressIONS event “Remorar” and presents four macro trends

We held our impressIONS event from the 23rd to 31st of October at Impress Decor Brazil. We have presented our four macro trends that are impacting new behaviors, styles and ways of living. Our impressIONS event welcomed more than 120 special guests including professionals from panel companies, furniture manufacturers and the press.

Our concept throughout the event was to reflect and recreate. This impressIONS event with the title “Remorar” was focused on discussing and analyzing how the individual manifests through expressions, shape values, trends and paradigms and therefore, outlining future scenarios. However, the great difference was that our guests had the opportunity to become co-creators of the event and live the experience beyond just being mere spectators.

The main focus of our impressIONS event was to outline the changes in the way of living of the individual, contextualizing on the four macro trends identified and presented by our marketing and design team of our company: Home therapy, Future´s Now, (Un)Real Time and Work Delight. For each macro-trend a specially elaborated environment was created. Our designers, Alexandre Chiquiloff and Juliana Weiss then presented in detail the objects, materials, furniture, technologies and behaviors of the new styles, interacting directly with our guests at the event.

Soon after, our participants attended the “Remora’s” impressIONS get-together area where they were able to see our releases, exchange ideas and enjoy a menu specially made for the event.

As of November 2017, the impressIONS area is open for visits by cabinetmakers, designers, architects and students.

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