Mebel 2019

Moscow hosted the biggest annual event of the furniture industry in Russia - "Mebel-2019", from the 18th to the 22nd of November. We have been exhibiting for many years and once again we successfully incorporated our mission - to inspire our visitors at the booth with our vision of the trends of tomorrow. Followed by our current concept of the I’m pulse, our team in Russia designed the booth in such way, in order to immerse our visitors in the atmosphere of home comfort with the help of visual and tactile impulses from the range of our products presented.

Heimo Bresztowanszky, Managing Director of impress Group, visited our booth at «Mebel-2019» and shared his thoughts about the preserved tradition of close interaction between our Group and it’s representatives in the furniture industry.

« We see a lot of placements of our designs in the fair. That means a really good and close relationship with the furniture industry and this it’s done in Russia in the best way possible. We continuously see this ongoing positive trend for the last 4-5 years, which also reflects the growth of the company, because if you are not continuously present at the market, you cannot grow.

In respect of design, I strongly believe that we are the design leader in Russia. This is the fact and an ongoing success, which I’m pretty happy to see and of course a Russian success. By doing it locally, for our Russian market, this is what in my opinion is most stable because it is done for local people and by local people and I think they can be proud of it!»

How much did the stand design reflected the ideas of the company's concept?

«Of course, there is a huge improvement in the booth design in comparison to several years ago. On this fair the Impress booth is probably the best concept of all, because is not just a product presentation. It’s a presentation of inspiration, a lifestyle and it is done in such details and quality which is really impressive. That’s why it’s more than just the concept of how it is realized. Our entities can look at the work done for «Mebel-2019» and learn what we expect now for the upcoming “Interzum” in China».

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth at Mebel 2019!

Explore our latest decors and enjoy our online 3D Tour of our booth!

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