I'm Trend!

Наша команда экспертов ежедневно анализирует тенденции в мировом масштабе и применяет их в области дизайна. Сохраняя баланс между верностью оригиналу и выразительным современным стилем, мы комбинируем различные культуры и материалы, учитывая глобальные тенденции, и создаем уникальные коллекции дизайнов для нашей продукции. Важную роль для нас играют нестандартное мышление, тесное взаимодействие с нашими заказчиками и нацеленность на достижение лучших результатов. Ведь только так мы можем предложить вам продукцию наивысшего качества.

Our four new Trend Worlds

The world is spinning faster and faster. My life is hectic and busy, I barely find the time to relax. I long for a second to catch my breath, it’s the simple things that give me special moments of reflection and sensory perception. I therefore create my own personal retreat. Simple, light and comfortable; after a stressful day it´s this that helps me to find my inner balance again.

I'm inspired by Sensual Simplicity.

I love big cities. The diversity of the people, the fashionable districts with their hip vibe, architecture and art, culture and subculture, the constantly changing fashion and interior trends fascinate me. All this merges into a unique energy that pulsates, driving forward ensuring an exhilarating tempo. This creates a special spirit that can only be found in big cities around the world.

I'm inspired by Urban Spirit.

My escape is the countryside, I am at one with nature. I close my eyes, breathe the clean, fresh air and enjoy the tranquillity that surrounds me. Everything I see, hear and experience here in this place is so different to all that encompasses me in everyday life. Nature in its original state – so real, so untouched, so pure. This is what inspires me and allows me to regain new strength time and time again.

I'm inspired by Pure Nature.

When I travel, I feel like an adventurer, driven by the excitement of discovery. My intent is never to arrive, but to explore! The bohemian medley of society, philosophy and lifestyle fascinates me. The vivid colours and combinations of shapes and materials invigorate and inspire me, a source of individuality and vitality.

I'm inspired by Bohemian Lifestyle.

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