Time is a mysterious concept in our lives, since it’s ever changing and yet the same. We all know it but it’s also drastically different for each person and situation. It’s running out when you have to make an important decision. When you’re waiting, minutes can feel like millennials, yet it completely stands still when you look at something in awe – like a majestic mountain.

Is this what they call Uchronia?

We’re also using time in so many different ways: we make it, spare it, kill it, save it, waste it. We even make it fly, heal or turn it into money.

Looking at how we treat it, time is a power we think we have mastered but we barely control it. We lead very complex relationships with time in our daily lives. These relationships can become so complex, that we might feel like we actually don't lead them at all but are led by them.









In the midst of turmoils, we might feel that time is made of microscopic grains of sand, that slip right through our fingers no matter how hard we try to hold them. We propose an exploration of the relationships between time, knowledge and learning. What does ‘free’ time mean when everything is about efficiency and speed? And what happens when we think on a totally different scale, not characterized by increasing speed, but – on the contrary – by extreme inertia.

Uchronia is an idea to break away from time as we are used to experiencing it. We shift our attention to other dimensions of time such as inner time, biological time, dream time to the deeply geological time of the earth. Imagine a world that is separated from our current concept of time. This world is vastly different from ours since there is no "before" or "after". Imagine we wouldn’t have imprisoned ourselves in time spans and shackled ourselves with smart watches.

This is Uchronia, a world of temporal freedom, where lives are not dictated by clocks and alarms, but gently influenced by nature instead. Uchronia allows us to be in sync with our environment, our bodies and our minds, so we can thrive on our own terms.

What if we could embrace time, and by doing so, we could also embrace ourselves? We would live in ways so we could build a perfect relationship with time.

We would have UCHRONIA. Time utopia.

Create your own Uchronia as you navigate through and guided by this intriguing content. It is time for UCHRONIA, the time utopia.

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