Impress support for Ukraine

Everyone at Impress has been deeply saddened by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. At this difficult time, our thoughts are with the affected people and their families.

For the past two months, our team has been working to raise funds and join the humanitarian effort to help those affected by the conflict. Our team in Poland is determined to help as many Ukrainian families as possible find a place to stay. There is also an ongoing collection of food, clothes and hygiene products for adults and children, in order to provide them with everything they need to feel comfortable and safe during their stay in Poland. One of our colleagues is also providing Polish lessons to Ukrainian high school students, so they can begin to feel more connected with the Polish people and culture.

We hope and believe that, despite the frightening situation, a solution will be found that will lead to the end of the warlike actions, and all refugees can return safely back to their home country.


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