Our new showroom in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain

We are very proud to present our new showroom in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain, where the latest concepts are presented in a creative and innovative way.

Our showroom area is divided into 5 spaces, based on the latest chapter of UCHRONIA. Our visitors can begin their tour by exploring the digital platform through a digital monitor. Moving forward, they can explore the five trend spaces of Hybrid Realities, Reframing Rituals, Ecotropolis, Reimagined Rurals and Modern Romantics.

All of them are interactive spaces where our latest decors are combined with nature and light effects. Customers, experience a very real way through the trends of our time and learn about new decor design lines of tomorrow.

The concept of the showroom installation is based on playing with depths and moving through walls and glass to obtain a powerful and original effect.

We are excited to host a plenty of events for all our colleagues and customers and we look forward of greeting all of you in our new showroom in Spain.


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