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With everything going on around the world, practicing self-care and finding moments to exercise our individuality is not only important but a bare necessity. These moments help to release the physical and emotional overload that we end up accumulating daily. And this is where a space that was previously little valued in residential projects starts to gain sanctuary status, providing a chance for privacy and relaxation. We are talking about bathrooms!

In contrast to the idea of ​​connection with the outside world that we have previously talked about, the bathroom appears as a space of “connection with ourselves”. It is a time when we decide to distance ourselves from everything that troubles us; home, work, people, or anything that drains our energy to focus on ourselves and our well-being ... free of guilt!

The decor of new bathrooms

The asepsis of these environments, of course, remains unanimous when we think about designing them. This issue, incidentally, has everything to do with the ongoing behavioral changes. Marking an increasingly latent concern with personal hygiene and cleanliness of spaces.

In addition to the functionality of these spaces, decoration plays an essential role. Until recently, bathrooms were thought of as purely practical environments, generally showing a cold and "dull" appearance. The new projects increasingly bring a spa impression into them, combining elements of warmth and sophistication.

And, of course, when we talk about the spa, one of the first items that come to mind is, arguably, a very inviting bathtub. It is possible to add touches to your bathroom that enhance the environment and bring that sense of a self-care space, without the need for major investments, reforms, and expansions.

A good shower is the first suggestion. But when it comes to design, we can go much further! When we talk about relaxation and this reconnection with the inner self, it is common, for example, to think about natural materials. Natural materials bring an organic freshness and an exquisite trait to the environments. And, in fact, this is a great alternative!


When we talk about relaxation and this reconnection with the inner self, it is common to think about nature and a sense of grounding. Natural materials bring organic freshness to any indoor space but are especially valuable for warming up traditionally cold, hard spaces such as the bathroom. With rapid advancements in technology, sterile no longer has to be flat and white. Acadia’s soft hues and painterly woodgrain bring a sense of creativity and playfulness that allow this decor to pair with a wide variety of solid colors and other, bold character decors.


Evora is an evocative, complex marble with both a macro and micro scale aspect naturally embedded within its design, making it an accessible and easy choice for a multitude of surface applications.

Due to its fine crystalline structure and dark stippling effect, the close up of this decor lends itself to fitting small, tight surfaces areas without being overwhelming, while still adding a natural textural element. In larger scale vanity tops, the crisp cut veining begins to stand out against the crackled background, allowing the decor to scale up, and unite multiple surfaces within the same space and become a true showstopper.

When it comes to naturalness, in fact, sunlight is always the best choice. However, it is not always an option, especially in apartment bathrooms. The solution, then, is to bet on yellow light for the general lighting of the space - great for a relaxing bath. In the areas of mirrors, where we usually perform activities that need precision (shaving, makeup, etc.), invest in focal lamps, lighter and more powerful (white light).

If the goal is to make these spaces warmer, in addition to the use of candles in the decoration - a clear shot to create that spa impression – wood is also a great option. The use of wood surfaces with a warm bottom elevates the natural, welcoming, and even Zen feeling. In addition to contrasting very well with stones.


With simple features and outstanding details, the Panaro surface is a noble and sophisticated design based on cherry wood. No growth feature disturbs the fine course of its wood grain. Like natural wood, it provides a feeling of comfort and absolute naturalness.

Speaking of contrast, the contrast between different materials and textures makes the environment even cozier, inviting, and eclectic. An interesting and increasingly high suggestion is to combine plants with more rustic materials, such as concrete and cement. In fact, the use of plants in the bathroom not only brings life and color into space but also helps in cleaning the air and regulating humidity.

And when talking about color - another essential factor to balance the vibrating energy of the environment - the tip is to choose a palette that matches the personality of the residents and that does not tire with time. Choosing especially those that bring a sense of well-being.

Exercising self-love

Luiz Görgen, a member of the Impress Decor Brasil design team has put these tips into practice, transforming the bathroom into a true private sanctuary. In fact, it is he who opens the doors of his house, sharing not only details of the decor of the space, but also his routine of skin and mind care.

“Over the years, I understood that self-care starts from the inside out. It is an act of self-love! ”, Says the designer. “I feel that without that moment with myself, facing the tasks of the day would be much more difficult. My routine helps me to sleep better, to focus more on tasks, and especially to relate better to the people around me. ”

Luiz says that every day he uses a good soap specific to his skin type; sunscreen even indoors, due to constant exposure to synthetic light; and a moisturizer to stay young. Besides, of course, drinking lots of water, maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising. “I am also a big fan of clay masks. There is a type of clay for each skin type. They are natural, inexpensive, and provide very fun moments! I won't be without! ”.

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