Breathing fresh air at home

People no longer perceive their city as a just short commute. Growing closeness between nature and the city has become a value as citizens seek to have a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Due to the fact that many entertainments remained closed for a long time all around the world, people were socializing at terraces and balconies at their homes. As a result, this has led some architects in collaboration with agencies to make the decision on developing new projects on re-wilding and reimagining cities to incorporate nature. This is how the “Aquarela” residential complex in Ecuador was born. The main architect's idea is to bring nature into the place where you live and surround you with natural materials. With a bit of details, the residence buildings consists of series of planted terraces and the carcass meant to echo the topography of nearby mountains. One should highlight the fact that the project is taking the environmentally friendly approach, it has energy efficient design to mitigate its carbon footprint; the light and shading are being with a focus on natural; energy efficient heat pump heating and cooling systems are being installed.

Eco-friendly surfaces at your home

Allowing to bring natural aesthetic to the interiors with the help of decors is a direct goal of Impress. We are, as Impress, a trend-oriented company with innovative products, already officially certified our finish foils as formaldehyde-free. Our company is taking care not only for the safety of our customers, but also contributing for the environment protection with our Finish Foils. "Impress has been employing formaldehyde-free raw materials and electron-beam-curing varnishing systems in its production processes for quite some time. In doing so, we provide our customers with an equally high level of safety and the familiar variety of decors and designs that are perfectly attuned to the latest trends and living standards," explains Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management at impress.

“Emergent Utopias” trend transmits the message about balance and contrast in the everyday life pace. In the emergent city, old and new sit alongside each other in innovative combinations. New modern furniture can be adapted in the house with a rustic style. This microtrend “High contrast” derogates from any rules, standing out from the contrasting various interior styles. In addition, the old is better to preserve rather than reconstruct, because it shows the roots of our grandparents.

Akron decor has an expressive all-over structure that can acquire different appearances and looks like concrete, ceramic, or vintage metal, depending on the colour. In generous movements, textures with different characters intertwine: there are areas with small inclusions of sand and little stones, as well as areas with slightly streaky spatula and processing traces. Akron can be an eye-catcher in every room with a combination of a natural and elegant wood or with solid colors.

Indoor & Outdoor blend” is one of the microtrends within the trend “Emergent Utopias” with a seamless flow between both, outside world and home. Until today outdoor socializing continues to be healthier and safer entertainment that’s why we try to bring nature inside our homes. Even in Google search, during 2020, the demand to buy houseplants increased by 84%. Customers create gardens on balconies and terraces with large plants at their homes to be connected to the outdoors.

Mauvella Oak is a great combination of naturalness, which goes together with balance. It looks stylish and at the same time radiates pure natural simplicity and calmness. Nevertheless, it is very diverse and expressive in detail. The well-balanced planking with beautifully cut flowers, the few finely drawn branches and especially the rich play of colours with the soft grey gradients make this decor an absolute must have for any interior designed in natural style.

The warm colors of Mauvella Oak can be easily combined with earthy materials, which come to the fore to keep us grounded.

The demand for surfaces with multi-functional purposes to create a home of purposeful and considered design increased in 2021. Our homes should bring not only aesthetics and balance to the interiors but also a utilitarian approach, which introduces the idea of purposeful design. Without any doubts customers concentrate on more free space, doing several activities simultaneously. One surface with transitioning from home working to dinner preparation is an option.

Fribourg Oak can become a surface with a number of roles throughout the day. Whether in combination with black steel to make the industrial style more noble and soothing or combined with a stone in a very gallant way, Fribourg Oak always creates a pleasant atmosphere. Light, pure, and natural tones give this decor a fresh, young look.

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