Classic Design Rebooted

After a cloudy period, there is an increased awareness of the importance of art in daily life. Consumers seek new beginnings and find joy in drawing inspiration from phases of the past to inspire the now. This is why we named this trend: Modern Romantics because it celebrates the rebirth of culture, appreciating Renaissance-inspired arts and classics with a modern twist. Classic designs are rebooted with contemporary form and styling. This focus influences product directions and sees a sort of still-life aesthetic emerge.

Interiors are adorned with generously draped fabrics. Carefully curated still-life displays are paired with decorative textiles. Dark woods, deep veined marble and onyx add a romantic tone to living spaces. Graceful architecture and sculptural forms inspire shapes for furniture and decorative elements.


Muted colors enjoy a Renaissance serving an expression of wealth and opulence in interiors. This shift can be translated into a commercial win for more traditional markets and a conceptual opportunity for more early adopter consumers. Deep, refined brown tones set against warmed neutrals build confidence and experience throughout the palette.

Bold and stimulating designs are key for this trend, born from a growing appetite for unusual scents and flavor explosions.

Let’s explore three decors which were developed based on this philosophy.


Anet Oak combines coziness and mysteriousness due to its subtle color gradients, different nuances of various shades of grey, which look like a delicate glaze. These shades reinforce the impression of the pleasant sense of darkness.

Anet Oak moves to the perception of black reinvented that black no longer necessarily means black. Ultra-dark auberges and navy shades are emerging which create a deeper sensation than a flat black color.

Bianco Onyx is a precious gem with great depth and character. This décor has intricated background details and bold highlights creating an overall very grand impression. Depending on the color, Bianco Onyx can be light, airy and playful; or it take on a colorful and boldly opulent leading role for a maximalist’s dreamscape. Onyx has a deeply luxurious and indulgent history, adding to the perfect touch of grandiose this décor provides.

Makarska Walnut brings a warm, soft romanticism to any space. Its deep, true-walnut tones make it clear why this traditional material is having its renaissance in the 21st century. Able to add a room-filling warmth with it’s large cathedrals and flowing structure, this Walnut appeals to all senses of moody speakeasys or the mid-century modernist aesthetic.

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