Dreams are our guide to the happy life

People are used to experiencing various difficulties from the past. Except for flu and epidemics, there are lots of other issues on which we cannot influence such as cataclysms, wars, economic crisis and instability. Reading news daily with catchy headlines create concerns, anxiety, and frustration inside of us. In retrospect, escapism from reality is an often desire among people, as we want happiness and ease in life. When this feeling appears, psychologists recommend surrounding yourself with closest people and positive emotions. In the case of impress, we also perform as “spiritual healers”, who want to create a pleasant environment and space for imagination in the rooms.

Impress designers have created a trend called “Out of this World”, which drives this dreamy story through your interior at home. The trend “Out of this World” has a collection of fantastical and dreamy otherworldly surfaces, made from quartz and marble with an ethereal feel.

3D, VR exhibitions and gaming industry affect interiors that are almost digital in their appearance. The design leans towards the surreal and Op Art, influencing 3D graphics. The "Digital space" microtrend makes the surface looking real and highly tactical due to the playing between the lines of 2D and 3D.

The feeling of distant planets, the Galaxy, and something very special, removed from the earthly and yet tangible, is created with the decor Marmo di Luna. On the marble, the clear veins in high contrast to the surroundings can be noticeable. In fact, when the veins shine in mother-of-pearl, the decor becomes very special in its gracefulness. Marmo di Luna surfaces have a sense of the fantastical and carry out you to dreams.

People are looking for the deeper meaning around them, turning to new age arts like tarot, witchcraft and crystal healing to tune into their intuition and practice self-care. This kind of curiosity is dictated by escaping from the mainstream and breaking the boundaries between the real and the fantastical. In design, interiors should arouse euphoric and blissful states by adding high contrast and reflective materials such as quartz, marble and alabaster.

Tivoli is a limestone existing in different natural colors. The decor itself has a natural charisma with a very calm structure and a soft play of colors is once again moving into focus. It stands for contemporary naturalness and has almost unlimited styling options.

Monochrome and grey colors are no longer used in interiors, the most preferred is black. However, black appeared in various shades: ultra-dark aubergines and navy as these shades can 'warm up'  and add deeply luxury and indulge your room.

Tinnaya Elm is a decor that contains a variety of moving cathedrals in an elm tree in a very authentic way. This decor in all-over look has whole cathedrals and a few discreet branches; the small mirrors typical of elm are well balanced. In addition, the harmonious play of colors makes it possible to develop light and dark colors with the decor and makes it very changeable. Tinnaya Elm can transform every interior into a special mood, whether from a light-inspired Scandinavian style, where the elm is at home anyway, to an elegant, dark ambience.

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