I'm Handcrafted - How art is the heart of design

How important is art in your life? How important is it in interior design? Any unique item or creation – big or small - can transform the entire space around us, and therefore our emotional connection with it. Art can tell a story through a vast variety of mediums and techniques, and can breathe new life into any room by highlighting and bringing focus to only the most interesting features.

Impress has a collection of beautiful art-like decors that can alter both your style and mood by bringing colour, light and creativity to your space. A few of our newest featured art-decors are Albedo, Vaadhoo, Fern and Vermilion.

Albedo is a fresh-take hybrid combining cement with cross-hatched graphics to create an organic feel to this modern decor. This gives an interesting ambivalence between digital content and physical materiality. Its aura is powerful, asserting a handcrafted element to industrial style.  Albedo is geometric, with micro-gridded sections immersed in a sandy concrete structure that allows the design to change and adapt with the setting. In one way, feeling extremely urban and modern with industrial graphics, and yet rustic and handcrafted with its use of traditional materials to create this unique hybrid look. This décor can be set amongst the sleek luxury design stylings of art decor and midcentury modern as a rustic and character filled moment, or immersed amongst other strong patterns to create your own unique hybrid "clash." This results in a dynamic and novel interplay of surfaces in contemporary interiors.

Vaadhoo is an absolutely individual decor; a painterly watercoloured work of art. The deeply saturated background, contrasted against the bright hues of brush strokes make this decor standout in any space. Inspired by classic herringbone and chevron patterns, this design completely reinterprets the trends from the Art Decor movement into a new, handcrafted focal element suitable for any modern, creative space. Whether in strong blue or in neutral tone on tone stylings, Vaadhoo is the absolute eyecatcher in every room. Despite its expressiveness, it is a very versatile decor due to it's smaller scaled repeating pattern, and softer painted textural feel. It can act as a panel, enhancing the back of open shelving for a fresh design staple, or as a worktop or counter to elongate the surface and bring together multiple solid colors throughout a space.

Who has not been fascinated by the delicate beauty of the fern leaves on a walk through the forest? Their unique appearance immediately evokes associations of unspoilt nature. Their almost graphic structure and soft, flowing aesthetic has captivated many designers over time. This decor feels like an expression in itself. It looks like a painting on canvas. Simple, yet breathing life into your interior spaces. Ferns have become a popular subject in interior design, whether for wallpaper, textiles or floor coverings. And as a decorative element on furniture surfaces, the Fern decor unfolds its full charisma, be it as a kitchen worktop or a focal feature piece of furniture.

Vermillion is a very versatile and unique plywood design with limitless color-styling options. The wood grain runs all-over with wide, generous strokes of color movement, which build to create an ombre effect. This can  be done  with bold color and saturated gradients to evoke a standout power piece, or in soft pastels to create a more harmonious playful vibe. Endless combinations and blending are what make Vermillion a fascinating decor. The decor is suitable for both flooring and furniture, as it truly adapts it's style with every unique color combo.

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