I’m Metal: The evolution of metal surfaces

Increasingly gaining more space in the environments, whether residential, commercial or corporate, metals have shown a remarkable evolution both in their application - not only being used in furniture details or as decorative elements - but also as visual protagonists, especially metallic surfaces.

In recent years, for example, what was seen in the market were the standards with quite rustic and worn characteristics, such as the popular rusty ones; From now on, these surfaces receive sophisticated colors, with variations of gold, copper, and silver, in addition to champagne, nickel, and bronze, also acquiring more refined finishes, such as anodizing, brushing, polishing or glossy.

Speaking of shininess, the main events in the industry this year point to a very inspiring return also from pearlescent decors, from the most discreet to the most exuberant, showing that the metallic effects are trendy and go very well in any ambiance.

Anticipating trends

impress Group has been following the growing trend of metallic surfaces for a long time, offering not only various options but also anticipating trends for its customers in order to develop even more assertive collections, committed to major design movements around the world.

It was in this way that the “I’m Metal” was born, a special collection that gathers some of the main metallic patterns of the company. The collection is available and already quite specified in the most diverse countries and markets.

To understand a little more about this selection of standards, we have separated some of the decors that best match the rising trends for this and next year. See below:


A brushed, elegant and soft-shining metal - a trend quite present in Milan this year. Argento is a decor full of personality, bringing sophistication to ambiances, mainly when combined with dark woods.


Delicacy combined with a slight rusticity, this is Discada. The decor looks polished, discreet and harmonious. Regardless of its hue, which can vary from very clear champagne to copper or bronze, it will leave the space quite conceptual and current.


An original design with a strong character and rich in detail, which allows the decor to be used as a single accent or with other materials. It can be applied on large surfaces, such as panels, closets, sideboards, among others. In this way, Serra is configured as a versatile standard which creates an elegant and expressive atmosphere in interior spaces.

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