Megatrend of urbanization and planet saving

The global lockdowns highlighted how many people, particularly in urban areas, are missing out on green space. There is a need to democratize nature and reframe eco narratives from wholesome and country, to accessible for all. Digital nature provides a substitute for people who have limited access to the outdoors, to escape from the concrete jungle. Small green innovations appear in the home as householders seek to create a little Eden of their own. A rise in at-home micro farming echoes a new urban resilience to tackle food wastage and to be better prepared to endure future crises.

This is how Ecotropolis trend is inspired by planet saving, conceptual inventions and the megatrend of urbanization. As we focus on regenerative, circular design and waste management processes, an appreciation of irregular patterning and bold color combinations emerge in a nod to the joyful home. Reclaimed waste products bring decoration and color to urban environments as pockets of vibrant nuances and unique textures appear alongside natural surfaces.


Consumers become more willing to ‘do what they can’ in terms of saving the planet and these increasingly conscious choices lead to a home full of interesting textures and materials. Organic finishes juxtapose with slick shapes and vibrant color applications for a bold, contemporary look full of impact and storytelling possibilities.

Let’s explore three decors which were developed based on this philosophy.


"Haptic meets optic" is an excellent descriptive motto for the Tablilla decor. This decor combines depth and three-dimensionality with the help of a shadow play. The individual elements are arranged at a distance from each other and have darker interspaces in the shadows. This type of processing is becoming increasingly common in interior design and creates an elegant impression and sets the scene for wood in a completely different way.

Tivoli is a limestone, existing in different natural colors. The decor itself has a natural charisma with a very calm structure and a soft play of colors is once again moving into focus. Tivoli escapes from the mainstream by applying the lines of 2D and 3D and making the surface highly tactical. Interiors with such a decor break the boundaries between the real and the fantastical. At the same time, it stands for contemporary naturalness and has almost unlimited styling options.

Mauvella Oak is an oak decor that is the essence of modern naturalness, which goes together with the balance. It looks stylish and at the same time radiates pure natural simplicity and calmness. Nevertheless, it is very diverse and expressive in detail. The well-balanced planking with beautifully cut flowers, the few finely drawn branches and especially the rich play of colors with the soft grey gradients make this decor an absolute must-have for any interior designed in natural style. Mauvella Oak can be a great choice to create more space at home for various activities as a partition between zones. This trend is dictated by the world change in 2020.

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