A new world of colours

Living in Pastel

Pastel shades are still and always have been trendy. Especially the light blush tones with the almost classic light pink, a soft terracotta and the creamy cappuccino beige, stand for peace and serenity, for well-being and harmony. They lend any interior a calm, gently optimistic atmosphere.

Soft pastels go as well with neutral greys and white, as with light wood such as elegant light oak or pine. This lends the room a minimalistic touch.

Pastel colours do reminisce springtime as they always convey a positive feeling, they are universally applicable and always bring that little bit of style into a room that makes the difference.

Living in Blue

After Classic Blue was awarded this year's Pantone Colour of the Year, all shades of blue are once again moving more into the spotlight.

As in fashion, it is impossible to imagine interior design without blue. It goes with many styles and materials, can be strong or playful, urban or, like the typical Mediterranean blue, part of the boho style aesthetics.

This beautiful blue is often shown together with neutral tones, or tone on tone with other blue tones. But it also goes very well with green and the spice colours, with which it creates harmonious contrasts. Almost everything can be done in blue: Upholstery, furniture lacquered in blue, or home textiles and home accessories.

Living in Red

All shades of red are now in trend. Especially stylish is the combination of different red tones with each other, such as signal red, terracotta and dark red.  This mix of reds was often seen at international trade fairs, which appeared new and unprecedented.

The wide range of red is what makes this colour versatile. Red in interior design is a daring and bold move that gives the room a real personality. Nevertheless, red goes well with many other colours. it is the eye-catcher in an environment of neutral colours, but also in combination with other strong colours like orange, green or blue it unfolds its very special character.

Red and shades of red in the home go beyond the mere trend. Red is a classic colour that radiates warmth and energy. At the same time, it is always a statement that expresses a lot of personality.

Living in Yellow

For some seasons now, it has been almost impossible to imagine interior design without yellow. On the one hand, there is the bright sunny yellow, which is rather seen in a minimalist, urban context, on the other hand there are the many broken shades such as mustard yellow and ocher, which go very well with elegant interiors or those in retro-style of the sixties and seventies.

Yellow goes well with many other colours, according to the colour tone. You can style it very modern and cool with neutral tones, or with brown, dark red and other spice colours to create an elegant or bohemian style inspired ambience. Yellow also goes very well with wood. Be it with natural oak or noble walnut, the look is always exciting and fresh.

Living in Green

All hues of green have been absolute trend colours for already some seasons. From pastel shades to bright tones, it is the muted colours of retro greens that appear particularly stylish.

These shades are inspired by the colour palettes of the 60s and 70s, when new colour combinations were created for the interior. However, they are trendy and also in fashion whenever a natural and elegant look is required.

These retro-inspired colours also work excellently in design today, as they complement very well a wide variety of woods such as natural oak or elegant walnut. They go well with rustic wood or concrete, too. Thereby they prove once again their versatility.

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