Off the Grid

The trend “Off the Grid” dictates us to take time out from the scheduled life and refer to a need for seclusion and space. People more and more find solitude in the remote wilderness as these spaces provide the perfect antidote to escaping the cult of busy.

Do you allow yourself to not watch the clock? How often? Or Never?

Unpredictable events of 2020 changed the perception of how we used to spend our free time. With the close of all public places, people started to take care more about their mental as well as physical health. Previous year statistics have shown a growing interest in outdoors physical activity, and until today it saved its tendency.

The outdoor retreat is the main refuge for socialising in 2021. One of the key trends in interior design is to create more outdoor space with fresh air, where we can escape from the routine. Roof patios, balconies and terraces help us to spend more time breathing fresh air, socializing and letting ourselves be carried away by every detail, which surrounds us –smell, color, shape and texture. One of the decors which represent the “Off the Grid” trend is Celestine Oak.

Celestine Oak has a pure, clean and modern look despite its soft rusticity. Due to its generous and particularly wide layout with easily placed cracks and knots and its slightly brushed surface, the decor becomes even more authentic. Celestine Oak is suitable for almost every application, for stylish furniture as well as for doors or wall coverings.

While staying at home 24/7 contributed us to organize our spaces more practically. Kitchens transform into self-sufficient larders, where all necessities are stored and at the same time fresh ingredients from the garden can be cooked over on the open flame. Such changes lead us to enjoy a very basic way of life, which is driven by functionality at homes, where we cook, bake and grow products.

This decor has an exciting character with all the traces of various treatments such as the ageing process, the wearing and tearing. As Shaniko is a coniferous wood, it has also natural elements to offer and thus, depending on the colour, gives a strong look in industrial style making it appear truly authentic.


Another focus in interiors 2021 is a touch of darkness. The rawness of these lifestyles gives priority to the wood with a rough exterior, from scratched and chiselled wood to tarnished metals and gritty composites. Such dark spaces create authentic and quiet moments together with loved or complete solitude. The decor, which became a role model for the dark interiors is Pitch Black.

Pitch Black is particularly new and interesting decor with dark elegant lines and delicate traces of calving that run across the design in harmony with the grain.

This interplay creates the overall impression of an extremely elegant and unconventional wood that perfectly matches the trend towards dark and black furniture. Furthermore, Pitch Black wood has a lightly smoke effect, which reflects the wilderness and rawness of nature.

Do you still have any doubts about taking a break from a busy lifestyle?

If no, then stop time and enjoy every single moment by surrounding yourself with materials, which have taken hundreds of years to mature.

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