#Supportlocal - a way to discover your own culture

Our Earth has various places with magnificent landscapes, great oceans, exotic nature and various cultures. In the past, people always tend to travel around the world, visiting continents by ships and exploring new countries.

Humbly Crafted is one of the organic trends in 2021/22 by impress and takes this up exactly. Key directions in this trend are handcrafted materials and natural aesthetics that will last a long time. As each region has its habits, lifestyles and traditions, it definitely influenced a color palette extension, used by impress designers for making interiors with handcrafted and native notes.

Good things take time” is how Sarnia Maple can be described, due to the long time it takes for Maple to grow. The wood has lots of knots and cathedrals which complement the decor aesthetic. The decor represents a crafted approach, leading to a simplification of surface design. The decor can be excellently accompanied by natural fibres or textiles.

The new crafted approach, which is clearly discernible in decor trends this year, lead to a simplification of product design. Designers try to bring a traditional and natural way of living by applying organic materials and essential components, however, traditional doesn’t mean old fashioned or outdated. Traditional surfaces complement the contemporary interiors and give a feeling of coziness.

Moreover, this trend also gives a nod to the ethos of guilt-free consumption as the vegan philosophy begins to influence product design.

Impress decor Kilox is a great combination of handcrafted and natural aesthetics with lime-washed plaster. The decor is distinctive for its soft and authentic spatula look. In addition, the decor is non- directional and can therefore be applied as easily as desired. Many other materials, decors and plain colours can also be combined with Kilox in neutral colours, it gives the decor longevity.

Bringing your cultural identity to the interiors

“Discovering and touching your own culture is important from a young age because it connects you with your ancestors”, says Anastasiya, a member of our marketing team.

“In my childhood, during summertime, my parents were sending me to the grandmother's village. This village is located approximately 200 km from town and was a place where the Ukrainian traditional decorative painting style, Petrykivka, had been originated. I remember it so well when I was sitting on my grandmother's knees, holding a brush and painting flowers and ornaments on a plate with her help. From the end of the 19th century until today, some traditional villages still continue to use this painting style in decorating walls and household items in their houses.", says Anastasiya.

Traditional lifestyles mostly end up in following a healthy lifestyle, which became an essential part of life. We continue to consume more gluten-free products as well as following vegan philosophy that is why this approach also found a way to be displayed in interior design. One of the key trends in 2021 is to use more organic materials that look like they have been grown rather than engineered.

Flix decor is characterized by its versatility to be anything, depending on its colouring. It resembles a three-dimensional engineered net when its neutral colours are combined with a dark background. It is done in natural colours with low contrast, making it seems an artistically woven fabric out of natural fibres. This handcrafted decor drives a trend towards more organic materials.

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