“Take us as we come”- a new approach for decors

Have you ever wondered how isolation changed us?

Sure, you did, because pandemic has not spared anyone.

Pandemic has influenced drastically the normality in which we lived. Nowadays, millions of people observe that the idea of how they perceive life has been changed: putting more effort into maintaining a balancing and healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically; focusing on the relationships with relatives and close friends and enjoying small things. Additionally, this haos generates fear and insecurity inside us, as we are not sure when “previous life” without measures, masks and limited travels will be back.

Furthermore, small businesses were not an exception, some of them became a sacrifice due to the restrictions. The statistics from YELP data shows that 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this event has another, a bit more positive result: it opened endless possibilities to work online, digitalized and rebuilt your own business.

Have you also noticed an increasing tendency during lockdowns of various bloggers’ materials or classes from upgrading professional skills to psychological guides and sports programs that help you to overcome mental challenges or not to gain extra kilos?

During this time, the market was already over-saturated with similar products, due to the fact that influencers tried to find their right niche in society. The market was asking to create products and services with unique characteristics, not like what already exists. Caused by this, self-expression became an essential part of producing creative goods, which immediately raise sales and capture customers consciousness. As well as many businesses used to find their own highlight, which distinguishes them from competitors.

Nevertheless, self-expression was always a central theme of the debates in societies. It is considered as a tricky highlight due to the imposed double standards, assuming that being a mass is better than standing out from the crowd. Impress strongly believes that this characteristic makes yourself to be heard and brings your own perception and vision in developing products in the business.

Combining a uniqueness withing the team

The potential of self-expression at the workplace is one of the main characteristics while interviewing candidates for impress. Promotion of professional abilities together with creativeness are always a welcomed combination and is an honor of our company. Impress employees have various opportunities to show themselves in the workflow. One of the most expected events is the Design Circle. The Design Circle is under the lead and supervision of the Head of Decor Management, Sascha Kostros. This occasion presents a great possibility for each designer to express and exchange their ideas, thoughts, and views to define a roadmap for future decor developments.

“Five years ago, when I first came to Impress, I was amazed how designers agreed on the directions and structures for future collections. This model has been refined over time and the Design Circle has become not only a group of work colleagues but also a close-knit group of friends.

Personally, it has helped me a lot not only to think as an individual however, also to understand and get to know a much more global view of our industry. In our Design Circle, we talk without complexes and try to reach a common vision so that we all feel part of the Impress collection, and that all markets and points of view are reflected on it” -, says Eduard, a member of the designers team.

The impress trend Joyful Home was inspired by exactly this! Joyful Home is a trend that states your originality and self-expression by delivering joyfulness and optimism at home.

With the rise of different movements such as #Metoo or #Bodypositivity, their goal is to assert the difference of minorities.  Media pays a lot of attention towards “take us as we come” attitude on social networks, movies, and magazines. In the nearest years, this micro trend will cover the interior industry, showing how unique every person is and presenting homes as a canvas for self-expression.

Linear whilst still natural, Royan Walnut combines an elegant walnut decor with little imperfection that makes it authentic. Typical walnut elements such as the small mirrors and the fine pores underline the origin of this design. The interplay between sapwood and heartwood provides enough excitement to freshen up classic interiors and enrich it with specialness and uniqueness.

“As seen on screen” is a micro trend of Joyful Home and has appeared due to the highly stylized visual TV shows and movies, which inspired designers to create a more adventurous and indulgent approach to design at our homes. This trend brings a lot of saturated colors and materials for surfaces and furniture in a retro style.

Montevideo is a limestone with small fossil inclusions of seashells that feed into the aesthetic of joy and positivity. Due to its homogenous background and evenly distributed fine structure, the stone appears calm and natural. The colour palette ranges from black and grey to light beige tones. It can be particularly well combined with woods like natural oak.

Our homes were always an intimate place, where we are spending not only nights but also welcoming relatives and friends. For the last year, this tendency became much stronger. Impress designers are helping to create decors, which evoke feelings and moments of joyfulness and optimism. Every other time, a home will remind you about fun moments, sweet dining experiences or deep conversations with loved ones.

At first glance Rodez Walnut combines excitement and elegance. Natural, powerful elements such as knots and cracks emphasize the expressive character of this decor.

The expressive play of the light-dark contrast and the way the decor is planked give this walnut a very lively note, where joy and cheerfulness come together in the right ambiance. Rodez Walnut is designed to help create moments of fun and socialisation being with family and friends.

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