The beauty of Terrazzo

Terrazzo was rediscovered a few seasons ago, and today it is impossible to imagine interior design without it. For a while now, Terrazzo has become an absolute trend material due to the increased interest in sustainable and natural products. This is no wonder, since this material stands for sustainability through the use of small pieces of stone and marble, which otherwise would not be used.  At the same time it offers a high aesthetic appeal with almost endless design possibilities.

What makes terrazzo such a trend material today? It is not a new material, it has been around for a long time. In Mediterranean and tropical countries, it is a standard in homes and public buildings because of its good characteristics and versatility. This certainly has to do with the revival of the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, with the rediscovery of clear and reduced forms and with the playfully light attitude that this material radiates.

Today, terrazzo and its replicas are not only used for floors, but also for kitchens and worktops, for furniture and even for textiles, home accessories and fashion. It gives a fresh and trendy look to any interior.


Amary is very versatile and looks good in many different colors and applications. At the same time, its dark stones give it a striking and contrasting look that perfectly captures the contemporary spirit. Amary is lively and playful, it brings freshness and lightness to any room. Depending on the colour, it can look classic or trendy. It is most stylish in retro pastel colours like soft coral, or turquoise, but also convinces in neutral black, grey & white.


Xanthi is a terrazzo consisting of a cement-like background and small broken stones of white, grey, and softly colored marble. It is a perfect design for small rooms because of its balanced all-over layout and harmonious color scheme. It never plays into the foreground, but provides a beautiful base for further creative design. Xanthi is a match to many materials and colors due to its versatility in texture and color. It looks as good with woods as it does with concrete and solid colors. For a natural look, light oak goes very well with it, for an urban look, the combination of Xanthi with concrete gives a cool and modern feel.

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