The old and new normal meet in the kitchen

The smell of coffee in the morning, that unforgettable evening with friends, the first family lunch, the birthday cakes, when you finally took the courage to make that recipe that went viral on the Internet, or the traditional instant noodles that feel like a hug after a long and exhausting day. The kitchen has always been one of the most affective spaces in the house: a place to gather people, have fun, challenge yourself, and make good memories!

In times of social detachment, however, “if these walls could talk”, as the popular expression says, they would probably reveal how much we miss all these moments, as well as our favorite restaurant, the beach kiosk, and that after-work happy hour bar with our colleagues. Finally, to share moments is a hallmark of our culture.

But since changes to our routine have forced us to alter our social habits, why not recreate these memories and bring the social experiences that most please us into our own kitchen?

How about we still make the time to spend a little time alone, cook dinner, and recreate that dish that you fell in love with during your last trip? The creation of gourmet spaces, exploring the integration between the rooms, allows us to bring the experience of a restaurant in our home.

In addition to the different profiles and ages that can coexist in the same house, in recent months, our kitchens have also had to adapt to multiple new personalities and situations. From a study place for children, to a wine bar for “Zoom parties” or maybe a bakery - with bread not only in our ovens but also on ours Instagram feeds, is worth mentioning.

From the oven to table surfaces

Speaking of sensations, few situations bring us as many affective memories as that smell that comes from the kitchen of our mothers and grandmothers. And it is with this spirit of ode to this space so welcoming and full of history that the team of employees at impress share memories and recipes with us. From exotic dishes to the simplest and most practical delicacies, the kitchen invites you to experiment, create and interpret, as Caroline Campos, a member of our marketing team, did, replicating a pudding that was her favorite before she was even born.

"When my mother was still a child, every time they went to visit my great-grandmother in the interior of São Paulo, my family bought the pudding from an old lady who lived in the neighborhood. After years, when my mother was already pregnant, she went back to the countryside. Although very old, when this lady learned that my mother was in town, she made a point of preparing the pudding especially for her again. To this day, my mother is very fond of this recipe, which she passed on to me and also became one of my favorites! ", Says Carol.

Do you have a favourite recipe?  What is your favourite memory in the kitchen?

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