Transformation of environments into transcendent spaces

The rise of digitalization, the opening up of digital real estate and interiors in the ‘Metaverse’ is allowing consumers to immerse themselves in exciting other-worldly realms, creating a taste for multi-sensory environments that promote escapism with the help of immersive art and technology.

Between pandemic implications and political or economic tensions around the world, anxiety and stress levels are at an all-time high. Early adopters are turning to smart tech solutions to boost the mood, maximize focus and calm emotions. It’s no longer simply about quieting the mind, but embracing scientific advancements to maximize it’s potential and shift states in the real world. Digital layers, holograms and light projections transform environments into transcendent spaces. Transparency play, lighting accents and stratified colors bring new dimensions.

This is why we named this trend Hybrid Realities because it is all about stimulating and invigorating spaces. There is an increased craving for feeling energized by multi-sensory environments. Taking a break from the daily grind, people immerse themselves in virtual reality spheres and mixed reality gaming.


Echoing this, products and furniture blur the lines between digital and physical realms. Eye-tricking and mind-bending design embraces the unpredictable and caters to the growing desire for the unexpected and unusual. Optical illusions, glitch effects and wavy constructions give impressions of movement and inspire surface patterns, while acid accents add a dose of energy and light, instantly lifting the mood.

Bold and stimulating designs are key for this trend, born from a growing appetite for unusual scents and flavor explosions, as well as the worldwide rise in escaping into digital worlds. With consumers looking to shift their minds and induce hyperreal, euphoric sensations, we’ll increasingly see virtual reality blending into environments.

Let’s explore three decors which were developed based on this philosophy.


Crystals have always been ascribed to a magical and healing effect. They have always been appreciated for their beauty and light-refracting qualities. The Louredo Marble decor perfectly captures the character of the crystalline surface and the sparkle of the original stone.

This decor allows a variety of color varieties, from delicate white, soft pastels and bright gemstone colors to dark grey, which makes it look like carbon crystals. It looks best in combination with light, neutral colors in a cool and minimalistic styled room.

Shirin Walnut is a walnut decor full of personality. Due to its harmonious play of color and its very fine and realistic drawing, it combines elegance and naturalness in a remarkable way.

This decor is particularly attractive in urban interiors, where it unfolds its full potential in combination with dark colors and luxurious materials. Because of its generous layout, it is suitable for many applications, always radiating its unsophisticated elegance.

The wildness and randomness of nature is depicted in the Pompeu Slate stone decor. This non-directional decor has its origin in a colored slate, and contains all kinds of colors and shapes in an organic form. On the one hand, the decor is a fresh component in elegant styles, muted colors with indirect nuances. On the other hand, it fits perfectly with strong colors and gives emphasis on the structure and contrast in nature-loving and bright ambiences.

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