Antibacterial surfaces - For sustainable safety and peace of mind

These days in particular, effective protection against harmful viruses, bacteria and microorganisms is more important and in greater demand than ever before. The melamine surfaces of the globally networked and internationally positioned decor and surface specialist impress unite appealing design with sustainable hygiene protection.

Every day, we touch a multitude of surfaces, whether at home, at work or in public. From everyday objects to interior decoration and furniture, rooms are full of microbes.

Proper hand hygiene and surface disinfection help against the spread of harmful bacteria. However, this requires a sense of commitment on the part of each individual.

Sustained protection and added safety for all is offered by the use of impress's antibacterial melamine surfaces, especially in highly frequented and much used risk areas. They are tested and certified by the independent testing institute ISEGA (Aschaffenburg/Germany) in compliance with the most important and internationally recognized test method (ISO 22196 = JIS Z 2801) for the evaluation of antibacterial activity.

This means that 99.9% of bacteria and germs on antibacterial impress melamine surfaces are eliminated within 24 hours and their reproduction is prevented. This makes the products of the surface specialist impress particularly suitable for contact-intensive surfaces in numerous areas of private and public life as well as for sensitive areas of application with high hygiene requirements.

For residential purposes, examples of this are, above all, the kitchen with worktops, fronts and rear walls, sanitary rooms as well as doors and tables. Last but not least, however, there are also places where people come together, such as in offices including the workplace, cafés and bars, restaurants and hotels, schools, sports facilities, entrance areas and many other areas with high microbial contamination. And not to forget risk zones in the health sector, such as reception, waiting rooms or treatment rooms.

Usage in the kitchen - Tivoli 9024167

Application in hotels - Malto 9019374

Application on doors - Celestine Oak 9024436

Application in the bathroom - Venice 9016243

Application in restaurants whether on furniture or floor - Jackson Oak 9019066

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