Diamond of Furniture Award 2023

The "Furniture Diamond" competition has been organized since 2006. It aims to identify the best products in the furniture and interior design industry in terms of design, technology, innovation and functionality. The organizers of the competition are: Publisher sp. z o.o. and SA.

Winners receive the title "Diamond of Furniture" and a commemorative statuette, whose author is Jaroslaw Perszko, sculptor, research and teaching employee of the Faculty of Architecture at the Bialystok University of Technology.

Impress Group, having the opportunity to monitor trends on a global scale, has the privilege of observing phenomena small and great, weak and strong, beautiful and those... less captivating. We saw the laths trend many years ago, and it is one of those design movements that has provided us with different emotions. At first initial approaches it intrigued but did not encourage. After a few years came a slightly altered, more classic and people "because they've seen it somewhere before" took a friendlier look at the elongated design, which, however, was supported by the trend of linear forms.

Today, laths dominate exhibition spaces and interiors. Manufacturers are taking a bolder look and approach to slats and are trying to surprise us, with colors, easy installation and sizes. Impress Group, looking consciously at this trend, introduced the Tablilla decor in decorative paper and finish foil, which opens the way for the use of "laths" on flat surfaces, furniture and walls without the need for special installation and color restrictions.

The design of the decor takes into account, necessary in the context of laths, the shadows, to which additional attention has been given. Each color assumes a certain potential context, which defines the "strength" of the shadows between the fins. As a result, the decor, being actually a flat print made according to current technology, looks very convincing and faithfully mimics its slatted counterparts while not having their limitations.

The enthusiastically taken up slatted trend is whetting appetites and ideas for the application of such a design. Ideas are multiplying and surprising and this is an amazing honor for Impress Decor quite like the Furniture Diamond which this decor was awarded with.

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