Imagine... your World - Celebrate the power of imagination at Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 is currently underway, and Impress is presenting its design concept "Imagine... your World" at Atelier Caselli 11-12 in the artistic district of Brera. Our doors are open to a world that becomes a unique experience through the power of imagination.

The world around us is spinning faster than ever before. Climate change, globalization, urbanization, digitalization, AI. We have to find our own individual stance on many trends and developments. What is our personal stance on the big issues of our time? And how do we deal with them? During Milan Design Week, Impress creates spaces that visitors can fill with their ideas and find answers.

During these days, Caselli 11-12 - once a city gate and now a gallery for contemporary design - is transformed into an installation that connects the design philosophy and the latest Impress decors with what defines us: our personality in all its colors and shapes. The building is wrapped in ribbons that symbolize our lifelines - our origins, our impact on the environment, ideas and abilities, our place in the world, inner balance and, ultimately, the future. All of this comes together inside the Porta Nuova.

"With our 'Imagine ... your World' exhibition, we invite visitors to discover the extraordinary room by room," says Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management at impress. "Visitors walk along lifelines that make us who we are. And the power of imagination leads to new inspiring paths."

For years, Impress has been a sparring partner for all those who express their individuality through home design. The trend scouts observe cultures all over the world. They collect impressions, materials, shapes and textures from a global mix of styles - unique, authentic and infinitely diverse. They bring all of this to the Design Circles worldwide. There, the creative teams develop decors that merge with the power of imagination to create modern living worlds.

With "Imagine ... your World", Impress is creating spaces for our individual wishes and our personal style during Milan Design Week. In the Caselli 11-12 microcosm, we use the power of imagination to shape our world, meet ourselves and find our attitude to the major themes and trends of our time.

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