Impress Decor Brazil officially certified as a Great Place to Work

What makes a company a great place to work? Well, this is undoubtedly a mission built collectively, like everything we do at impress. Working together and always focusing on the well-being of the people who give life and energy to our business and the community in which we operate, has lead us today to become a certified company with the GPTW - Great Place to Work.

We are proud that our entity impress Decor Brazil has been rewarded with this certification Great Place to Work.

Whether in person or remotely, we spend a large part of our days dedicated to our work. It is essential that these hours are spent in a pleasant, welcoming and motivating environment, which encourages everyone to be the best version of ourselves, both professionally and personally. After all, we create deep ties with the places and people we work with, taking them far beyond the company's gates.

Impress takes great care in its values ​​with these connections. Understanding that it is our employees, customers and partners who have brought us here and it is through them that we will be able to go even further. And, of course, we hope to be able to repay you for all of this! Thus, in order to better understand the impact of our actions, management and work structure, we conducted a “climate survey” among our employees in 2020.

Such research works with an index called “Trust Index”, which assesses the level of confidence of employees in various dimensions. Among them are: friendship (which refers to teamwork), impartiality, credibility, respect for diversity and pride. It is with great joy that we can say that we had great scores in all categories!

This outcome, the result of the perception of our employees about the organizational satisfaction and the way we respond to the changes imposed by such a challenging period, ranks impress as a prosperous, safe, ethical company that cares about people, and the Digital GPTW Certification confirms all the above. In addition to great satisfaction, the certification also opens doors for us to participate in the ranking of the best companies to work for in the estate Paraná - Brazil. A new goal that we started to build solely and hand in hand with our collaborators and partners, knowing that we still have a lot to improve and develop… together!

What does that change for our customers and suppliers?

When you do business with a certified company, you know that you are hiring services and buying products from a socially appropriate business, which values ​​the quality of life of its employees and its social impact. Additionally, being a certified company is also aligned with excellent service and provision of services. After all, if we work happily, we also produce and serve with much more satisfaction which of course adds a great perception of value to our brand. Those are just the first steps on a long road ahead to be better and better, starting from the internal part of our company. If you want to know more about GPTW - Great Place to Work, as well as staying on top of the requirements and advantages of being a certified company, visit the agency's website at:


Let's build a better world together!

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