Impress Decor celebrates 20 years in Brazil and announces new investments

The first company to offer the full package of printed and impregnated decorative surfaces for the wood-based panel industry in the country, Impress Decor Brasil takes another step towards the future. In the year that they celebrate 20 years of their kick-off in the region, the Group announces the implementation of its 3rd impregnation line at their Brazilian unit.

Part of a 6.5 million Euros investment, the expectation is that the new line will be operating by the beginning of the second half of 2022. Thus, increasing their current impregnation capacity with an additional 66% - jumping from the current 90 million m² per year to 150 million m² per year. With the investment just approved in October 2020, the project is already starting off in November. Also contemplating the expansion of their manufacturing facility - located in Araucária (South Brazil) -, which will have its indoor area increased by more than 30%.

“More than consolidating ourselves as leaders in the market for decorative surfaces in Latin America, our main purpose has always been to be the company with the best and most fulfilled customer service in our segment - from the development to the delivery of the product ready for sale. Two victories achieved over these two decades”, points out João Martinez, Managing Director of Impress Decor Brasil. "I am very proud of what we have built over the past 20 years, and even more satisfied with what we are building for the next 20 years to come."

It is important to say that the arrival of the new impregnator, as well as the expansion of the factory, are both part of a promising planning of the company, which still foresees the installation of a new printing unit, as well as a fourth impregnation line between the next three to five years. A reality that shall also impact the local economy, by expanding the job offers, the collection of taxes, and investments in the region.

20 + 20: Looking at the past focusing on the future

Pioneers in the area, the first impregnator arrived at Impress Decor Brasil in 2013, with such an intense reception from the wooden based panel industries - in need of this type of service - that in less than a year its capacity was fully taken. Requiring the implementation of the second line already in 2015. Currently, both units work at full capacity.

“The installation of a new impregnation line, then, comes to eliminate a major bottleneck in the production chain, making the business possibilities of furniture and wooden based panel manufacturers more flexible in the Brazilian and Latin American market. Meeting, therefore, a constantly evolving demand, and, thus, representing a considerable gain in productivity, cost reduction, agility in service and improvement in the level of satisfaction in all stages of the chain”, says the commercial director of Impress Decor Brasil, Marcelo Santos.

The increase in the company's operating capacity reflects the commitment of the impress Group to Latin America's industrial, economic and social development. Thus, confirming that the decision to be physically present in the region - operating locally - was quite adequate and assertive.

“We were very successful in the first 20 years working in Brazil, and we are really engaged in preparing the company for the next two decades. Reinforcing our values and propositions based on our clients’ needs through agility and flexibility. As well as investing in fundamental attributes for our differentiation strategy, with creativity and innovation guiding our positioning towards design”, concludes Santos.

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