Impress received gold medal at Brazil’s Design Award 2022

We are happy to announce that we currently won the Brazil Design Award – BDA 2022 with the global communication concept Uchronia Time Utopia. The concept of time was initiated and elaborated by the global marketing and design team of impress as well as external parties who work with several fields of Design every day. This project provides a collection of interactive books which narrative encourages the reader to make a journey through a space of time in a playful and exciting way. When the project was handed in with all design- as well as the conceptional work we proudly received the gold medal in the Editorial Design category.

The BDA is an award created by ABEDESIGN, the Brazilian Association of Design Companies, who focus on several design categories. In their 12th edition the awarding took place on the 5th of December at the Light Shopping Center in São Paolo, Brazil. The project of Uchronia was launched and brought to life in 2021. The meaning and sense consist of poetic and engaging storytelling by exploring macro trends and the product portfolio of Impress, built as an alternative to events, fairs and exhibitions postponed due to the global pandemic.

“The books explore a series of perspectives on "time" and what a perfect relationship with it could be; following our natural rhythms instead of mechanical clocks to find the balance we are looking for”, comments Renata Moura, designer and one of the co-creators of the project.

The collection consists of four volumes, each focused on a perspective of time. The book pages are filled with interactive content, illustrations and 3D elements. The project goes beyond the materiality of the book and crosses the senses in its most varied manifestations. One of the main goals was to show new ways of thinking about time and the elements that influence our relationship with time. Eventually we as impress perceive Uchronia as an adventurous and exiting journey arising context-based products which have been launched during this period of time.

Our goal with the Uchronia Time Utopia project, in addition to bringing the products launched in 2021, was to present Impress as a trendsetter, a reference for the market as a beacon for the countless transformations in behavior, lifestyle and new ways to see the world and society”, comments Alexandre Chiquiloff, Design and Product Manager at Impress Decor Brazil.

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