Impress & GIM Host Unforgettable Event in Istanbul

Impress and GIM recently held an exclusive event at the prestigious Fişekhane venue in Istanbul, bringing together their customers and leading designers from the furniture sector.

Themed "Imagine...", the event showcased the latest design concepts from Impress. Prior to the event, Impress and GIM conducted visits to their customers and numerous designers across Turkey to understand market needs and influence the creation of future decors. Attendees were encouraged to envision their ideal designs, and the results of these consultations were displayed at the event.

Over 300 samples of more than 60 decors were exhibited, drawing significant interest from participants. The decor Loretto, with its harmonious color play and defined structures, received particular acclaim from attendees.

The event highlighted the creative and innovative spirit of Impress and GIM, exceeding all expectations. Set in a historic venue with stunning sea views, the event featured not only delicious food and drinks but also engaging entertainment, including an illusion show and a rhythm workshop. These activities provided both fun and educational experiences for the guests. Additionally, a special caricature memento was presented to participants, leaving a lasting smile on their faces and marking the event as truly memorable.

The innovative concept and high-quality service of the event were greatly appreciated by all attendees, solidifying Impress and GIM's reputation for organizing remarkable and unforgettable events.

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