impress launches "I’m Yours"

The global decor range for individual customer requirements

If there's a single headline able to unite current and future trends, it most certainly is the individual and personal design of your own home. The international design experts of the surface specialist impress have created exactly this spirit, the desire for boundless individuality and freedom, with their new global decor range "I'm Yours" based on their global trend scouting and exchange in the impress Design Circle.

"With "I'm Yours", we have created a diverse selection of decors, offering our customers a wealth of alternatives and pinpointing solutions for their very personal tastes, for everyone," explains Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management at impress. The new I'm Yours decors for furniture and interior design, developed for the international markets, offer maximum individuality and freedom. With their extensive variety of surfaces, they perfectly reflect current mega-trends, such as urbanization, health, safety and neo-ecology in wood, stone, metal or design. At the same time, with "I'm Yours", the color scheme for each decor can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each customer or the respective market.

This is how the impress Global Design Team is responding to the ever more pronounced worldwide desire for individualization, which is increasingly developing its global impact. Everyone feels differently. The freedom to choose whatever you like, to create your own world in which you feel at home – this is exactly what impress is offering with its new, broad-based decor selection "I'm Yours".

Mauvella Oak is the true epitome of modern naturalness. It embodies coolness and modernity and radiates effortless simplicity and calm. Nevertheless, it is very diverse and expressive in detail. The well-balanced planking with its finely cut flowers and the few finely drawn branches combined with a particularly rich play of colors can create soft gray gradients, making this decor an absolute must-have for any modern interior with a natural influence.

The Malto decor is a metal design with a three-dimensional geometric print. With its graphic pattern of triangles and metallic structure, it embodies both the clarity and value of the current minimalist trend. Malto looks great in any metal color, from aluminum, copper and bronze to anthracite steel.

With its natural esprit and simplicity, Fribourg Oak is a true all-rounder. The striped sections alternate harmoniously with elegantly cut flowers to create a balanced overall picture. The natural oak colors of Fribourg Oak are particularly striking, but the light shades are also very appealing.

With its unlimited design possibilities, the limestone decor Tivoli can easily take up the vastness of the universe. It unfolds its natural charisma in a modern and yet timeless way. With its calm structure and gentle play of colors, Tivoli matches many solid colors as well as natural woods.

The decor Sagres is a very distinctive design. Stripy areas mix with gentle color gradients, lends the design a beautiful variety of colors. The original basis for it was hand painted, but depending on the color it can look like precious marble, like weathered metal, or simply like a freely drawn work of art. The application areas are almost unlimited. It can be used as a worktop or rear panel in a modern kitchen, or as an eye-catcher on stylish furniture with an elegant retro touch.

Craquelure as of antique ceramic surfaces characterizes the decor Soho. These almost ornamental cracks form a delicate pattern over a gently cloudy surface. Soho is both elegant and natural, sophisticated and yet very easy to apply. This design gives furniture a particularly modern and contemporary look.

Comano, which looks fresh and natural, is very fine and elaborated with a rich play of colors. It shows a harmoniously balanced overall picture, which gives every room a natural calm.

The interesting and contemporary Pitch Black embodies the furnishing trend of dark and black furniture in a unique way: on the one hand, there are the elegant lines of the dark, almost black pine wood, on the other hand, there is the extremely fine light shimmer that harmoniously runs across the design with the grain. This interplay results in the overall impression of an extremely elegant and unusual wood.

The decor Tapiz is a new, fascinating looking textile decor. It is finely woven and yet has several small irregularities distributed over the surface, creating a beautifully modern looking light-dark effect. This pattern works in any color, from neutral colors to strong retro tones like terracotta or brass yellow - exactly the tones that dominated in the 1970s.

The new decor Panaro is noble and refined. No growth feature disturbs the fine grain of the cherry wood. With its balanced, harmonious overall appearance and its radiance, Panaro is a reminder of the times when timelessly beautiful furniture made of particularly fine wood was in vogue and considered to be of the highest quality craftsmanship.

Azul Onyx appears noble, elegant and unique. The poly-chrome veins run through the delicately tinted light-colored stone in a striking way, making it appear noble and contemporary at the same time. This stone can show its unique charisma in many different applications. Whether as wall cladding, as a table top or in the kitchen, it always creates a noble and at the same time relaxed atmosphere.

Shirin Walnut is full of personality. It combines elegance and naturalness in a remarkable way thanks to its harmonious play of colors and its very fine and realistic pattern. The generous design is suitable for many applications and always radiates its unaffected elegance.

With its very fine wood grain and unmistakable traces of growth, Boudica Oak shows real character and, in real oak colors, is the perfect companion in rooms inspired by nature.

The noble limestone decoration of Montevideo with its small, evenly distributed fossil inclusions of shells on a homogeneous background appears as calm as natural.

On the one hand, Celestine Oak is cool and modern, on the other hand it radiates a natural simplicity and tranquility. It is very diverse and expressive in detail. The balanced planking with beautifully cut flowers, the finely drawn branches and the rich play of colors with soft gray gradients make Celestine Oak the epitome of modern naturalness.

The expressive all-over structure of Akron, which can look like concrete, ceramic or vintage metal depending on the color, conveys the carefree eclectic mix of stylistic elements - the modern and striking impression - that the art of this era makes. Textures with different characters intertwine in generous movements, there are areas with small inclusions of sand and small stones, but also areas with subtle inclusions that show the authentic traces of the treatment process. This design is an eye-catcher in any room and creates a distinctive atmosphere with a light industrial and vintage touch.

Reduced to its striped parts in a minimalist manner, Sary Walnut brings out the special beauty of walnut wood. Its subtle play of colors and detailed finishes make each piece of Sary Walnut furniture a highly elegant trend object. This decor fits everywhere where class and modern elegance are required.

The decor Infinity Brown is characterized by its special texture, reminiscent of the earth's surface, and its playful details that tell exciting stories. Whether polished or in matte look - with its warm earth tones, the natural stone flatters all types of wood. It goes perfectly with oak, birch and many other domestic wood species. Its warm tones form a pleasant contrast to modern uni-colours, creating an exciting harmony of tradition and modernity.

Clear simplicity and natural elegance are the terms that can be associated with Storsund Oak. The fine and elegant pattern with Scandinavian understatement makes it the center of any room and gives it a cool and minimalist natural look.

The Esperanza marble decor reflects a modern, elegant style. It is a breathtaking display of color and fine crystalline structures. Precious and multifaceted, Esperanza is a true eye-catcher in any elegant room. With its unique adaptability, it fits equally well in modern and cool rooms that reflect a more urban style. Its natural color is green with black and deep blue accents, but the decor is also suitable for many other colors, from rust to gray and black.

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