ImpressIONS 2021, Interzum Guangzhou

The impressIONS are one of the most important events for our company. Events already took place all over the world in order to present our new concepts along with recently developed decors. In China, the impressIONS event was held at a high-end restaurant Vino at Party Pear area of Guangzhou. A spacious hall, an engaging DJ, a professional artist, singing and of course, our chairman’s and the designers’ speeches made up a perfect atmosphere for our guests during the 2nd day of the Interzum event.

This impressIONS event was devoted to the concept of Trendencies 2020. It represents 8 mega-trends that we have inferred after undertaking consumer and fair analysis of various markets all over the world.

Furthermore, our team introduced the Fashion for Furniture. What is the idea behind this notion?

Fashion for Furniture concept was presented as if the stage at which we were providing information on trends was a catwalk. Our colleagues from different departments were presenting the new decor boards directly on stage. This performance helped our clients to get better acquainted with brand-new decors and also be involved in an unconventional way of presenting the decors.

Furthermore, our third important trend related presentation was about our decor collection ‘I’m Yours’. The collection includes 20 decors that we developed, keeping in mind worldwide trends that we have listed during our work with clients from different continents. Those 20 decors are our answers to “What would you recommend as the best decors?” There are all kinds of materials integrated in the collection like wood, metal, fantasy decors and several types of stones. The customers with any taste and preference will find what they are looking for inside the ‘I’m Yours’ collection.

200 honorable guests attended the event and explored the newly developed and up-to-date trends in decor paper printing. We were grateful for the time that the customers devoted to the event, therefore prepared numerous presents and surprises for the clients, which were wrapped by our team members in our decor paper.

We look forward welcoming everyone again soon.

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