impressIONS - Cologne 2019

The night before the biennial world leading trade fair of Interzum, impress hosted once again the impressions event. The event took place in the Harbour Club on the 20th of May. We welcomed our clients from across the world just before the start of the exhibition to not only introduce them to our new I’m Pulse concept and latest designs but also to have the opportunity to discuss about future trends in our industry.

The night of the impressIONS event welcomed more than 200 clients in the Harbour Club, who took the opportunity to see our latest decors even before the Interzum started within the special atmosphere. The event created a pleasant environment, always bearing our company’s identity in its surroundings. The stage was designed as a big window framework, in line with our new concept, showing new impulses within every window, which opened at different places every time. The show was closely linked to our new concept and seeked to artistically present our new designs and decors through an impressive music and dance show. Our top 16 new decors were presented, being key visuals for the new trend themes which are differentiating in terms of materiality and design. For example, Saturnia Walnut is a walnut that represents an elegant and modern living lifestyle while Mansion Oak’s simplistic look represents calmness and serenity. Each show act spoke for its respective decor presentation, as a brass band was the key visual for the industrial style, similarly the individual singer for nature as well as the lighting muses for the pulse and impulse our new concept refers to. Amid a friendly and entertaining ambience, we had the opportunity to discuss with our customers in the relaxing atmosphere before the daily business at the fair started.

The impressIONS event continues to be an important event for both our company and our clients as it is a great opportunity to enjoy a lovely evening but also to strengthen our business ties before one of the most important trade fairs in our industry.

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