ImpressIONS, Sochi 2021

On the 3rd of June the Russian resort city of Sochi hosted a customer event impressIONS Sochi 2021.

The event was not only the first offline occasion since the beginning of the pandemic but also the first "personal" acquaintance with the new communication concept of impress Group - UCHRONIA. The bright colors of UCHRONIA set the overall mood of this wonderful day, bringing together business partners and friends after a long period of restrictions.

Dieter Baumanns, the Commercial Director of the impress Group, welcomed the audience and shared his mood accompanied by the following words:

"I just feel fantastic at this wonderful place. Today times are changing fast and soon consumers will ask for radical new approaches. Only those businesses, which keep up with the time and suggest new trends and product, will stay afloat. Impress, as a market-leading company in our sector, always has the bigger picture in mind, offering to our customers' trends which will remain a key to the designs of tomorrow. Our new digital platform UCHRONIA is a perfect place to discuss the latest developments and trends which will lead us to be the first in offering next-generation design."

During the presentation, our sales, marketing and design teams presented for customers a real performance.

"At the beginning of the presentation we dived into the world of UCHRONIA and identified the main trends developed by the global design team of our impress Group for 2021”, explained the marketing manager of impress Russia, Olga Ilianaia. “During IMPRESSions SOCHI-2021, we decided to focus more on the trends of Humbly Crafted and Joyful Home, because they accompany us in all our lives. Different combinations of new decors, located on the faces of large cubes, were shown to our guests under the program of these trend-themes.”

With regards to the event, a new collection of Tela and Soho decors colors, were developed in the digital laboratory by Alena Andreeva, the designer of impress Russia, as a trendy alternative to solid color decors. The decor Kernell Oak received particular attention among our customers.

After the presentation, the event was continued up in the mountains in the picnic area. The dawn of the day was met on a tour in the beautiful Olympic Park and in a very nice atmosphere of the marine restaurant Magellan by the sea and to the melodic rhythms of a DJ.

Impress Russia was happy to use this unique opportunity to hold the first offline customer event under the concept of UCHRONIA. We hope that this will be a good start for the upcoming fairs and events in the nearest future!

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