Interzum 2019

How does your home look like nowadays? Everyone has their own style and creative mindset when it comes to design and living creations and thus everyone processes them from a different perspective. As human beings we are affected by various impulses but for us it is something more than simply a meaningful word. The ability to inspire and impress people and offer them unique living and creative experience, forms our refined design concept I’M Pulse.

From May 21st to 24th at the Interzum fair in Cologne, we “Welcomed Home” many customers and industry professionals. Throughout our over 400 square meter booth we were able to showcase our latest interior trends and designs to industry related people. The booth was designed by Achim Jungmann, having in mind our concept, every circle being part of a room and representing the “I’m Pulse”.  

Our guests were able to explore our booth that consisted of seven rooms: a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a dressing room and a study area. All the rooms were designed in a way that would make our decors stand out in an interior setting. This enabled our customers to see our decors applied in meticulously designed interiors, experience our decors in a more personalized way and made our booth distinctively beautiful

Furthermore, our settings included elements from each and every one of our new trend topics. For example, natural decors that belonged in “Nature is my living space” were accompanied by plants and flowers to give the sense of nature in a living space. Similarly, stones and marble decors that are part of our new trend “Luxury lives in the finer details” were matched with elements that inspire modernity and elegance.  

We get inspired by simple everyday things, stories and life experiences which allow us to create unique designs with a mixture of impulses. What inspires our trends, what defines our designs and decors and the living spaces of tomorrow can be found in our new I’M Pulse .

Moreover, within our newly designed and developed decors, our customers placed their sample orders, which gave us an indication as to how successful were indeed our new decors and the taste of our customers towards our I’M Yours selection. Some of the decors that highly impacted our guests were Stanley Hickory, Emperador Dark, Uranus, Pitch Pine and Brisbane Acacia.

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