Interzum Guangzhou 2020

Interzum Guangzhou took place from July 24th until July 30th, 2020 at the biggest exhibition center Pazhou Huiguan. For the second time, IMPRESS participated with its own booth in the Chinese fair, even though it was significantly different from the previous year’s exhibitions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. There were fewer foreign guests and everyone was obliged to wear the masks, however, the event was still entertaining, embracing a plethora of visitors from all parts of China.

Annually the space mounted at the exhibition site has a certain concept, this time the IMPRESS booth presented the theme “Welcome Home”. The booth was reminding a home, divided into several areas - a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Depicted decors represented apparent mega-trends of this year, yet the booth was not separated in themes, allowing the guests to play with interior possibilities picking the decors from Swatches - a brochure with new decors and renderings.

Nevertheless, there are no strict boundaries between the styles, some tendencies of a customer’s own desires and wishes are always present. Observing changes in fashion, lifestyles, and design, eight global trends were identified by IMPRESS. Those “Trendencies by impress” emphasize where one finds inspiration and enthusiasm, providing an overview of what is searched for in our industry; the world’s concerns and interests are expressed in short videos that were filmed by 12 designers of IMPRESS.

The message of the booth was received well by the visitors. The details about Trendencies and Welcome Home concept are featured on our website as well.

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