Interzum Guangzhou 2021

Due to the unstable situation in the world, caused by COVID-19 outbreak, most fairs and big events were postponed or launched digitally across Europe. As we all know, China has been going through the same issues, but luckily Interzum in 2021 was held in real-life, and we had an opportunity to meet our clients in person.

The booth at Interzum 2021 in China was aligned with the “Trendencies” concept. We were presenting mostly the decors from the “I’m Yours” collection as well as a range of new decors, fitting ideally for the Chinese market. Each “Trendency” was logically linked to a set of decors that were chosen by the design department according to the style, structure, grain, smoothness, specific details and the color of each of the decors. For instance, Shirin Walnut, Majestic and Ardoux were presented within the “Elegance of Power- Trendency”, according to overall imagery of whisky, dark chocolate colors and brutal vibes of the decors.

Every year we try to adorn the booth with elegant touches of modern ornaments. However, this time the space was decorated according to the “Trendencies” concept. Next to each trend theme there were decorations that helped the customers to grasp the idea or have a hint of what it was about. This was mainly done for two reasons: first, to make the decoration of the booth more meaningful and connected to what we show; secondly, the decorations obtained another purpose - to let the customer “play” with the booth. For example, the bag of pearlescent color that we designed and ordered specifically for the Interzum event. The bag was representing the merging of the digital and real world and related to the “Blurry Borders” trend theme.

Clients truly appreciated that way of getting closer to the trends, so that we had a very successful fair, which we are looking forward to continue in the years to come.  

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