Mebel 2018

The exhibition «Mebel 2018» took place in Moscow from the 19th to the 23rd of November. The exhibition was greatly successful for the impress Group. Our decors launched in 2018 and absolute novelties were presented in the frame of the design-concept I’m Pulse.

Our Russian customers are reconsidering their views on what should be the modern interior of their flats and houses and want to dilute the traditional wood structures not only with uni-color decors, but also with "stone", "metal", and to fresh out them with elements of different cultures. This was achieved  by daring to create Graffiti and Uranus for the Russian market.

The new wood decors such as Minerva Oak for furniture and Brescia Oak for flooring received positive feedback from our visitors. It  was remarkable and noteworthy as well our visitors’ appreciation about the existing decors which are already available in the Russian market like Ipanema, Django Oak, Jasmund and Gascogne Pine.

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