New impregnation line in Brazil

Impress Group anticipates the start of its operations of the new Impregnation line and also announces a new investment for the new decorative paper printing line.

Given the resilience of the Latin American market, which even in delicate times has been presenting an increasingly heated and qualified demand, especially in sectors such as furniture and civil construction, impress Group confirms the anticipation for the start of the operations of its third impregnation line in the Brazilian unit. The new equipment should be up and running in the last quarter of 2021. Thus, the news does not stop there: the company also reveals the approval of a new investment for the implementation of the 4th printing line for decorative papers in Brazil.

The new impregnation line had been announced at the end of last year, and it’s expected to start operating by mid - 2022. The high market demand in the region, combined with the current challenges in importing essential raw materials for the industry, encouraged the company to seek dynamic alternatives with its civil structure and industrial technology suppliers to accelerate the project. As a result, the entire new operation is expected to have its industrial start between November and December 2021.

With this strategic move, impress reinforces the company´s value proposition, which is to serve, in an agile and creative way, the entire wood panel chain and its participants in Latin America.

Brazil and Latin America

All this movement reaffirms the confidence that impress Group has in the development of the Latin American market wood panels for the production of furniture and surfaces. In all, the investment in the Brazilian unit confirms that the company is one of the leaders in the production of melamine products in Latin America. Printing and impregnation capacities will be increased by 50%, allowing for better production efficiency, technological gains, cost competitiveness and agility supplying the growing demand in the region

“Today we are able to serve the Latin American market very efficiently, working with capacity taken in four shifts. However, in line with the continuous growth in demand, we chose to anticipate the direction of consumption in the region, strengthening the industry and the local economy”, emphasizes João Martinez, CEO and Managing Director of Impress Decor Brasil.

In addition to the positive aspects of the business, Impress's investment will bring several socioeconomic impacts to the state of Paraná and especially to the city of Araucária. Providing an increase in revenue for the state and for the city with the increase in tax collection. New jobs will also be created during and after the expansion works, which will also support the increase in commercial activities in the region.

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