Our new showroom in Ełk, Poland

After quite some time we are happy to announce that the freshly and new designed showroom in Ełk, Poland has been established lately and is ready to welcome our customers.

Same as in our German showroom, the concept behind is to experience a very real way through the trends of our time and learn about new decor design lines of tomorrow. Thus the set up of the showroom refers to the already proven concept in Aschaffenburg, Germany which means that the components are our five trend topics having their own trend boxes and surrounding context.

„We want to focus on our customers and deeply impress them as usual. The spirit of our time manifests itself here in a very real way”, says Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management.

The Polish team follows this mindset and adds the following: „It is a space for inspiration and common reflection, and we look forward to welcoming our special guests here in Ełk”.

ECOTROPOLIS is the trend which welcomes visitors upstairs. This is the only trend which is separated from the main showroom space giving a hint of what is further. It is also a space to sit and relax on steps full of pillows.

We wanted our new showroom to be functional not only from representative point of view. We finally made a division between spaces so we could have separate meetings and allow guests and our employees to feel comfortably hence the canteen has been separated from the showroom. The main showroom space has two parts now.

REIMAGINED RURAL/MODERN ROMANTICS is a sphere which acts as a social area where visitors can have a coffee, experience nature, sit and relax and discuss design in general. This is all related to the trends themselves.

HYBRID REALITIES/REFRAMING RITUALS ia a part of the showroom which is a typical workshop space where further evaluations and decision making processes are usually held by our visitors. This is also a space where digital materials are presented together with the latest visual achievements like 3D walks, renders, animations etc.

Overall we use our new Showroom to undertake our visitors, deliver the UCHRONIA concept, give presentations to fulfill customer needs but also provide the context and it’s knowledge about our industry and products. This way our customers learn about our scale of experience of around 94 years in the industry and understand the complexity of the process. As a result we improve everyday communication and understanding.

As expected the Showroom is now being used very efficiently providing a representative space and a comfortable area for everyday work.

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