Two decades of impress in Brazil

Present in different regions of the planet and with over 90 years of experience around the world, in 2020 impress celebrates 20 years since the installation of its plant in Brazil. As a result of the union of precursor companies in the market, such as Masa Decor - a German brand that invented rotogravure for decorative papers with more than 90 years of history, impress arrived in the Latin American market in 2000, only to become a few years later a leader in the segment of decorative surfaces in the region.

"Before the plant was set up in Brazil, all products sold in Latin America were imported from the Spanish unit, since we did not have a local production", explains João Martinez, CEO - Managing Director of Impress Decor Brasil. “In a period when local industries still depended heavily on the supply of European products, in addition to facilitating the logistics issue within the continent, the Brazilian unit provided that Latin companies - from Argentina to Mexico - had their demands met in a more personalized way, including in relation to the creation of new designs. ”

In this way, the Brazilian design team has become a reference in surveying trends over the years, including exporting concepts and information to the European market. "Today we have the technology and local expertise to explore the development of any type of material that the customer needs", emphasizes Martinez.

Evolution in numbers

In this scenario, the expansion of the industrial park, while still young, was indispensable. Starting its activities with a large printer and a laboratory machine - the Lab Machine -, a few years later the unit received two more printing machines, along with several other investments, which, aggregated, culminated in another plant update. With all these efforts, today Impress's production capacity in Brazil is over 150 million square meters per year of finish foil and decorative paper.

But it did not stop there. In 2013, Impress went even further, with the implementation of a new business unit in its factory, starting to offer the complete service of printing and impregnating its decorative surfaces. “Eliminating high investments for our customers and providing much more practicality for their daily lives, we soon had to purchase a second impregnator. Currently, we work with almost 100% capacity taken throughout the year ”, says the CEO. Changes that also required the expansion of the staff, which went from 50 in the early 2000s to around 150 this year, also impacting the economy and development of the municipality of Araucária (PR).

Best sellers

Throughout a rich trajectory of successful developments, many designs created by impress becoming references in the segment of decorative surfaces in Latin America. We are talking about two structures made of oak wood patterns, which have consolidated themselves as some of the most requested among panel manufacturers over the years, whether for MDF, MDP, or high-pressure laminates.

The first of these is Roble Alsace. Very close to the natural oak blade, with its striking pores and smooth veins that bring to the patterns a character of grandeur and a timeless personality, this structure was created in 2005 and remains part of the portfolio of numerous panelists throughout the Latin American market.

Another market leader is Santana Oak. With smooth cathedrals, well-defined 3D and a rich play of colors, the versatility of this structure is one of the fundamental characteristics for its success. Completing ten years in 2020, it remains highly appropriate to the design and decoration trends in Latin America and the world.

Lab machine at impress Decor Brazil

What the future will bring

Two decades of evolution translated into customer loyalty and partnerships that, like impress, have only grown over the years. “Even in times of crisis, impress has always relied on the market at hand. All this changes in the scenario leave us very hopeful and we already have ambitious plans in the short and medium-term, such as the acquisition of a new printer and a new impregnator in the next three years ”, reveals Martinez. He continues: “This was, without a doubt, a long and competitive journey, but I can't wait for what's to come in the next 20, 40… and many more years! It is a pleasure for me to have participated in every step of this story and to be able to continue collaborating for its future”.


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