Uni Solid Colors 2021 - Creating the perfect ambience

Widely networked and internationally positioned, the impress design experts are constantly tracking down the latest and future trends in color, design and decor. Now the impress Design Circle has chosen the colors green, blue, yellow and red from the impress Uni Solid Color Palettes as the colors of the year which are a must for any interior in 2021.

The impress trend scouts are on the move worldwide in order to take in everything that shapes the design development and product design of tomorrow. They regularly share their observations, inspirations and insights, their impulses and perceptions in person and in these times especially online in the impress Design Circle. The impress Uni Solid Colors of the year 2021 are the result of their continuous work as they conduct numerous workshops and discussions. No matter whether it’s the bedroom, living room, office or kitchen - they turn every piece of furniture into a real highlight.

The strong green of the forest

Particularly in the midst of the current uncertainties with which we are so preoccupied, we are looking for stability, sustainability and peace, but also and especially for life and hope for a future in which what we are currently missing can grow again. The color green embodies exactly these longings for nature, growth and regeneration, but also relaxation and hope.

The current color palette of the green impress Uni Solid Colors ranges from a strong, radiant green to a soft pastel green. From these, impress has selected Fir Green as the green Color of the Year 2021. The color originates from the forests of our nature and is inspired, among other things, by the fern, which appears elegantly in a rich green. Fir Green embodies freshness and liveliness as well as calm, balance and stability. The color harmonizes excellently with natural wood tones in a pure look, such as the decors Celestine Oak, Panaro or Storsund Oak, including the somewhat stronger versions such as the Sary Walnut decor.

Clear Navy

The color blue radiates both serenity and security, but also distance, freedom, vastness and clarity. With the exception of the Egyptians, who were the first to develop the pigment blue and who carried it around the world as an expensive commodity, the word blue was unknown in many cultures for a very long time.

From the varied color palette ranging from a dark, soothing blue to a fresh, radiant blue and a light pastel blue, Navy Blue was chosen as the blue impress Color of the Year 2021. This shade creates a feeling of vastness, of the endlessness of the sky and the seas, but also one of calm and serenity. With its clarity and deep saturation, it provides the finishing touch as a tidy component in many stylings and is a perfect companion to rather light, simple woods such as the impress decors Mauvella Oak or Fribourg Oak. However, Navy Blue is also a perfect match for stylish interiors, for example in combination with the unusual design decor Malto.

Rich Saffron

Yellow as the color of the sun, on the other hand, emanates light and warmth, attracts attention and creates a positive mood. In many cases the color yellow is also equated with gold, making it an elegant enhancement for many combinations.

The yellow impress Uni Solid Colors present themselves in hues ranging from a warm, somewhat earthy to a bright, cheerful yellow. The impress Design Circle decided on Saffron Yellow as the yellow Color of the Year 2021. Ever since ancient times, saffron has stood for luxury - whether as a dye for textiles, as a spice for exquisite dishes, as a remedy or even as the basis of a perfume. The rich yellow of Saffron Yellow also stands for a wide range of applications. The rich yellow of Saffron Yellow also stands for a wide range of applications. It lends any room a powerful energy and with its friendly tone goes very well with decors in darker brown tones, such as Shirin Walnut, Akron or Infinity Brown, and with opulent marble stones with warm nuances, such as Azul Onyx or Esperanza.

Gentle Roseige

The color red, too, stands for energy, attention and respect. But red is much more than a signal color. Thus, the range of red impress Uni Solid Colors covers a spectrum ranging from a dark, elegant violet to a bright pink and a soft, light pastel pink. From this variety, impress has chosen Roseige as the red Color of the Year 2021.

Roseige is an intermediate shade of beige and rose and ranks among the light red hues. It is soft and bright, radiating comfort and confidence. Called nude in reference to skin tones, roseige embodies balance and grounded warmth. It results from the mixture with a gentle, restrained beige tone. Beige as a natural sand color stands for essentials and not least for the earth. With the light shade of rose beige, in combination with dark decors such as Pitch Black, Sagres and Montevideo, a calm, balancing effect can be achieved. Variations with light decors such as the impress Tivoli or Soho stone decor appear more relaxed.

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