„Hello, I’m Trend!“

The skill to transform the spirit of the time into Interior Design

To develop a feeling for the current trends is the one thing. To transfer the trends into decors for modern interior design is the other. For the Interzum from the 16th to the 19th of May 2017 in Cologne, impress presents four new trend worlds developed from the actual themes. In addition to that, the company has created communication tools which meet up with the spirit of the time and offering customers a comfortably working experience.

“I’M inspired by Sensual Simplicity“, “I’M inspired by Urban Spirit“, “I’M inspired by Pure Nature“ and “I’M inspired by Bohemian Lifestyle“ – These are the four new trend worlds of impress. This is the result of the professional scouting from our internal design team which is perfectly networked and operates continuously and interdisciplinary at a global level.
Initially, impress inspired itself for the development of these trend worlds. The sources of the inspiration were the diversity of cultures and lifestyles, the special spirit of big cities, the places in the world where nature is still in its original state and the simple things of the daily life, giving those special moments of reflection and sensory perception. Impress has used this inspiration to transform trends into authentic decors for modern interior design.

Feeling Life – in all its facets
Woods influenced by the Scandinavian design in white or greyish tones, neutral colours and soft pastel shades correspond with calm, sometimes textile and minimalistic structures. Being part of the trend world “I’M inspired by Sensual Simplicity” they create calm places of retreat which help to find inner balance.
However, the colour world from “I’M inspired by Urban Spirit“ is designed to create a cosmopolitan look combining deep black or grey colours together with dark blue, green and petrol, as well as matt and natural three dimensional-surfaces. Appropriately the phantasy decors of this trend world come along in black and grey, the woods create in grey, dark or reddish brown the “Urban Spirit” in interior design.
The longing for proximity to unspoiled nature transforms into “I’M inspired by Pure Nature” – the biggest and most stable trend which cannot be fixed on one culture. Here, woods appear as well as green-, brown- and beige tones which impress interprets in a stylish and modern way. The natural oak is still at the top of the bestseller lists complemented by a tone of subdued grey oak and a dark brown version. Marble celebrates its comeback in all colours.
The easy-going and playfully light appearing mixture of the design elements distinguishes the style of “I’M inspired by Bohemian Lifestyle”. Here, old and new, expensive and affordable, different materials and the aesthetics of different cultures come together. Saffron and gold, orange and violet, red and olive green, indigo and denim blue, cupper and rust – the colour palette has no limits. In addition to that ethnic motives in new graphic interpretations and in rediscovered earthy colours appear. Impress transforms all of this into wooden decors with innovative layouts, into exotic woods with metallic effects and into a decor with a material mix of wood, concrete- and leather structures.

New trend brochure
For the Interzum, impress presents the four trend worlds on a more than 400 square metre and partly two-storey booth B060 / C069 in Hall 06.1 so that the new fully developed decors can extensively be seen and stimulate to new design ideas in the furniture industry and in interior design.
In addition to that, the further developed trends can also be found in the new brochure “I’M Trend 2017/2018”. In this brochure, the 22 furniture decors are shown at a scale of 1:2, the eleven flooring decors at a scale of 1:5 in the final application. To achieve an overall impression, each decor is presented with an application picture in order to demonstrate its full impact in the interior design context. Photo collages and impressions of living spaces in the according style place the viewer in the special mood which is characteristic for each trend world.

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