impress Finish foils are formaldehyde-free

Committed to a healthy living environment.

Even today, a large proportion of the finish foils produced by surface and decor specialist impress are formaldehyde-free and certified in accordance with EN-717-1. Upon request, impress now offers the entire range of finish foils free of formaldehyde and thus already complies with the new IOS-MAT-003 formaldehyde regulations coming into effect on January 1, 2022.

impress thus enables all users of finish foils to convert their products to the new standard requirements in good time. “We are thus underlining our innovation and technology leadership for safe surfaces that comply with high requirements on a large industrial scale,” says Sascha Kostros, impress Head of Decor Management.

Formaldehyde in small quantities poses no danger to humans or the environment and is even naturally present in nature. Some types of fruit and also untreated solid wood emit formaldehyde in small quantities. However, if the concentration is too high, as is the case with many foils conventionally coated with acid-hardening lacquers, this has proven to be a considerable health hazard.

"impress has been employing formaldehyde-free raw materials and electron-beam-curing varnishing systems in its production processes for quite some time. In doing so, in addition to the familiar variety of decors and designs, we offer our customers and interested parties an equally high level of safety through environmentally compatible, sustainable solutions for surfaces,” Sascha Kostros continues.

The development of products that pose no harm to the consumer or the environment, that is, products that are practically free of formaldehyde, is determining success in the woodworking industry more than ever before. A large number of impress finish foils produced at the Polish impress site in Elk, at impress decor Polska Sp. z o.o., are tested and certified according to EN-717-1. They are already allowed to bear the seal “formaldehyde-free”.

With values amounting to less than 0.015 mg / m³ and 0.012 ppm, they comply with the new IOS-MAT-003 formaldehyde regulations, which will come into effect on January 1, 2022. From that date, only pre-impregnated finish foils that do not exceed this upper limit for formaldehyde may be used.

In a world dominated by increasing mechanization, constant change, as well as new external risks, health and safety have become an even higher priority in our lives. We choose the things that surround us with much greater care and pay more attention to them. This doesn’t only apply to design. For many years now, the impress Research and Development department has been working continuously on new technologies, innovative manufacturing processes, and sustainable products that do not harm consumers or the environment.

“And what's more, we combine decor diversity with durable, high-quality and, above all, safe materials, while conserving natural resources for surfaces with a positive eco-balance,” Kostros summarizes.


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