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Decor news between "The Pulse of the Street" and "The Pulse of Nature"

The world is changing. Taking the impress world of decor with it. The company from Aschaffenburg is always on the pulse of the times, dealing with current trends, presenting developed trend topics, which are the focus of the exhibition at Tortona Design Week in Milan between 17 and 20 April 2018. They move between the two great topics of our time, between urban and digital conviviality and an individual, original experience.

Two extremes in our lives come together yet are mutually independent. On the one hand there is globalisation, urbanisation and people who are mobile and connected to one another globally. On the other hand, there is a longing for the discovery of peaceful and individual retreats far from the pulsating life. Impress combines both complementary powers under "I'M PULSE" and names them "The Pulse of the Street" and "The Pulse of Nature".

Impress gives new impetus to "The Pulse of the Street" with "Urban Rush" and "Cultural Vein". Whilst the trending topic "Urban Rush" is devoted to the pulsating life on the streets of the metropolis and picks up on the topics of innovation, speed and flexibility by means of classy, dark colours and elegant lines, "Cultural Vein" feels the heartbeat of various cultures and includes a variety of materials, colours and patterns very much in line with multiculturalism and connectivity. Here, local traditions are combined with influences from distant cultures.

In the era of digitalisation and a constant flow of information, the desire is also growing for the ability to go back to the resting pulse rate every now and then. There is a need to find genuine and simple places you can arrive at, breathe deeply and slow down. They emerge with decors from "Nature's Breath": Materials - natural and original in look and feel - make the retreat from the city vividly perceptible and enhance the concentration on the essentials.

Aside from everything that is overwhelming, noise, hustle and bustle, constant accessibility and flow of information, we need a power source, a base the confrontation with your own self. The soft pastel tones and flowing shapes of "Harmonic Flow" create oases in which dreaming can be relearned. They relax the body and soul and pave the way to intuition and basic trust as a condition for light-heartedness and quality of life. Using "Nature's Breath" and "Harmonic Flow", impress encourages to design ideas for a life in balance with "The Pulse of Nature".

Over the past few months, the impress design team, together with specialists from the field of society trends, have grappled intensively with the question of what will move people in the future and what influences will define interior design. In this process, modern design - where necessity and longing are blended - faces the challenge of combining apparent contradictions: Consumption and minimalism, innovation and tradition, speed and deceleration.
The new surface designs lay the foundations for designing furniture of the future very close to the individual lifestyle concepts of people.

Two extremes in our lives come together yet are mutually independent. Impress names these complimentary powers "The Pulse of the Street" and "The Pulse of Nature".

Impress provides an impetus for a life in balance thanks to its trend topics "Urban Rush", "Cultural Vein", "Nature's Balance" and "Harmonic Flow".

Impress brings the trend topics of "Urban Rush" and "Cultural Vein" together under the name "The Pulse of the Street". Alicante Walnut, with its precious, dark colour and elegant lines, picks up on the topics of innovation, speed and flexibility from "Urban Rush". Uranus, the new black steel design, emphasises the urban accents in any interior design as a classic element of "Industrial Styles".

The Macado decor, with its special colouring and artistic, handmade structure, has the appearance of visual heartbeats from different cultures. It therefore demonstrates the spirit of "Cultural Vein" perfectly. Just like Bolero Pecan, a traditionally exotic wood, with its modern interpretation thanks to its colours.  

Impress combines the trend topics "Nature's Breath" and "Harmonic Flow" under "The Pulse of Nature". The Tyler Hickory decor is part of "Nature's Breath" with its authentic markings and natural, subtle details. Pavia Oak is also part of this topic with its appearance of freshly cut, hardly processed wood. Jasmund joins in the decor world of "Harmonic Flow" with its character akin to driftwood and soft, soothing style. Abisko Ash is also well suited to this atmosphere. It is a modern ash with a calming, large-scale interaction between natural stripes and cathedrals.

Impress stands for a globally operating group of companies developing and manufacturing trend-oriented wood-based panel decorative surfaces for the furniture and flooring industry, as well as for modern interior design. The future oriented decors for the designs of tomorrow have been created directly in-house. They are based on trends from our internal scouts who are perfectly networked and operate continuously and interdisciplinary at a global level. The full-service product range contains decorative papers, finish foils and impregnated papers. Being one of the market leaders in this sector, impress provides exceptional trend forecasting for today and into the future for reputable customers all over the world


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