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Always on the pulse of the times". These words are a perfect reflection of the trend scouts and design experts that are the decor specialist at impress. With impress Trendencies, impress is showing what trends customers can expect to come.

The highly networked and internationally positioned impress design experts observe how current trends are developed, interpreted and reinterpreted. They track down the very latest and future design, style and decor trends. impress trend scouts regularly share their observations, inspirations and insights, impulses and perceptions both personally and, especially in these present times, online in the impress Design Circle. Together, they develop clear trend statements about exactly what is the important and “next” for the design, decors and products of tomorrow.

These current trend statements of the global impress Design Circle have now been combined into a trend tool: the impress Trendencies 2020. "They represent the result of our continuous work, many workshops and discussions, influenced by the ever-changing world we all live in,” says Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management at impress.

The Trendencies does not assert that all eight trend themes will be universally seen with all elements active at all times, in all places. Rather, an individual customized trend menu can be composed from the impress Trendencies to suit the specific needs of a particular country, special target group or to the wishes and interests of individuals.

The eight impress Trendencies

Elegance of Power

The allure of the dark side is omnipresent, despite our progressive worldview and our constant focus on the future. We are fascinated by the magic of the night; the theatrical play of light and shadow, of fire and risk, and the sensual seduction and the elegance of exclusive and powerful materials. They are the mirror image of our self-confidence, empower us, and strengthen the confidence within ourselves.

The interesting and contemporary decor Pitch Black epitomizes this interior trend in a unique way: On the one hand, it is the elegant lines of the dark, almost black pine wood, on the other hand the extremely fine shimmer of light that run across the design in harmony with the grain. This interplay yields the overall impression of a distinctly elegant and unusual wood that perfectly matches the trend of dark and black furniture.

Self Curation

While the world keeps "spinning faster and faster,” and as we become more and more digitally networked and connected, we also expose our limits. There is a growing need to balance work and private life. Over the past few weeks we have become more aware than ever of the opportunities and benefits of digitization; but, we have also become very aware of our reliance on health, the environment and freedom.

We are currently given the chance to start over, to reinvent and work on ourselves, and to ask ourselves whether the lifestyle we live or have lived is really the lifestyle we want. We want time and moments to look in and after ourselves. Emotional and physical well-being are inseparable and they are becoming ever more important. We tend to choose the things that surround us with better care.

This trend statement, as current as it is modern, is also reflected in the rediscovery of domestic woods in design and the return to an original aesthetic. The decor Comano, fresh and natural in appearance, is very fine and elaborated with a rich play of colors. It shows a harmoniously balanced overall picture, which gives natural peace to any room.

Blurry Borders

Boundaries are blurred. What is modern or vintage today, who is young, who is old? Digital and analogue experiences intermingle, virtual and real spaces overlap. Networked worlds and special multi-sensory experiences are defining our perception more than ever. Brilliant colors, iridescent effects and materials produce immersive worlds that appear real to us, into which we immerse ourselves more and more often and which captivate us. Be it digital art with graphic animations or epic computer games, the emotional experience and appeal to our senses is always paramount. They represent the necessary balance in a world with increased demands and increasing emphasis on efficiency.

The decor Sagres invites you to let the boundaries blur. Its origin is art, because it is hand painted. The lines with their spouts running into the surface perfectly pick up the Blurry Boarders theme, the Sagres combines straight lines and gentle gradients in good balance. Depending on the color, it can be like precious marble, like weathered metal, and this makes its applications almost unlimited. Sagres thus plays in a world between materiality and imaginative interpretation and manages to find its place in modern and classic styles.

Space Curiosity

Man is and remains an inquisitive being, and always wants to expand his knowledge. The exploration of space has an exciting focus on the technical and scientific possibilities to get closer to it. With this comes the yearning for alternative and further options for life on our planet. The universe as a potential source of new, additional resources and infinite possibilities is what captivates us and brings inspiration. The attraction of the unknown as a new glimmer of hope has the potential to become a new worldview, as faith and mysticism finds less and less room in our world.

With its unlimited design possibilities, the limestone decor Tivoli can easily take on the vastness of the universe. It displays its natural radiance in a modern yet timeless way. With its calm structure and soft play of colors, Tivoli goes well with many solid colors as well as with natural woods.

Layers of Time

Nobody knows what the future will bring. But especially for a society with such an affinity for the future as we are in the 21st century, the past - like the roots of a tree - gives us security and stability. We find orientation and also solidarity in earlier times, styles and fashions. Every generation has its own preferences and points of reference to which it feels connected, which it rediscovers for itself and its life. Just like SmArtDeco, the revival and reinterpretation of the Art Deco style. This current interior trend combines the spirit, glamour and splendor of the 1920s and 1930s with the intelligent technical possibilities of our time.

The new decor Panaro represents this trend statement in a noble and refined way. No growth feature disturbs the fine grain of the cherry wood. With its balanced, harmonious overall appearance and charisma, Panaro is a reminder of the times when furniture of timeless beauty and made of particularly fine wood was en vogue and considered the highest level of craftsmanship.

Orderly Structures

Constant changes, hectic and fast moving times are awakening the need for functionality and clarity. Outer principles of order give structure to our interiors by creating the desire for classic and timeless design, for durable products with high quality and a history of their own, and for products with which we identify and can shape our own style. Independent of rapidly evolving lifestyles and fashions, the trend for order and structure is growing more and more with our consumer-driven times. In an increasingly complex world, many people appreciate the clarity of minimalist and geometric design with flat, smooth materials that can powerfully enhance architecture on their own. This is where quality comes before quantity, and the desire to unburden ourselves by possessing fewer things.

The decor Malto is a metal design with a three-dimensional geometric print. With its graphic pattern of triangles and the metallic structure, it embodies both the clarity and value of this trend. Malto looks great in any metal color, from aluminum, copper and bronze to anthracite steel.

Abundance of Cultures

After a long period of deprivation, such as we are currently witnessing, we will appreciate – probably even more than ever – the opportunity to experience other countries and cultures again. The worldwide restrictions on travel have made us aware that freedom of movement and freedom to travel are not a matter of course, but a precious commodity. We all take our impressions from the different countries and cultures and mix them into our very own interior design style. A versatile interior reflects the freedom of what we can do today, just as individually as we feel. We value the arts and crafts of different cultures and adapt, interpret, and appreciate what they can inspire in our everyday environments with color, pattern, and decoration that we would otherwise never experience.

Just like our home, Shirin Walnut decor is full of personality. It remarkably combines elegance and naturalness thanks to its harmonious play of colors and its very fine and realistic pattern. The generous layout is suitable for many applications and always radiates its unaffected elegance.

Innovative Eco Twist

Our cities are growing, and holistic habitat planning is becoming ever more important. In times of climate change, issues such as energy and sustainability play a central role. Urbanization, renaturation and the empowerment of a mentally and physically sound society will become the main task of the future development of civilization. The initial mere superficial enthusiasm or even rejection of technological developments and innovations has now largely given way to a deep appreciation of them. By means of the innovative and cooperative interaction of science, biotechnology and digital technology, we are establishing the basis for a more positive future and can contribute to redefining our environment into a healthier and more stable place. Thanks to intelligent networking, multi-functional facilities and the combination of indoor and outdoor areas, we create places worth living in even the smallest of spaces.

The decor Mauvella Oak is the true epitome of modern naturalness. Fully embodying coolness and modernity, it radiates effortless simplicity and calm. Nevertheless, it is highly diverse and expressive in detail. The well-balanced planking with its finely cut flowers, and the few delicately drawn knots paired with a particularly rich play of colors can create soft gray gradients to make this decor an absolute must-have for any modern interior designed with a nature influence.

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